And then it rained…

 We left England a day or two before Easter to head to Spain for a couple of months. It was raining but hey, we were going to stop in France for a little break.


Biscarosse on the west coast of France just South of Bordeaux. Oysters, Europe’s biggest sand dune and stunning beaches.



A little pit stop in one of our favourites, Burgos (yes, it rained!). A beautiful cathedral and some gorgeous bronze sculptures.


Chilly weather stayed with us, snow accompanied us north of Madrid.


Home in our little Cortijo it felt like Spring had arrived, and then it rained…. and it rained, and rained and rained. We’re getting towards the end of May and it’s still raining!


The springs are full of water, and the trees are blooming.


We’re over run with oranges and lemons,  which is a lovely problem to have. Marmalade has been made, naturally and much orange juice has been drunk.




We’ve fiesta-ed and partied in the country and down by the lake when the sun has made a few brief appearances. We’ve eaten an enormous tortilla and cake (citrus, of course).



We’ve braved the snow of the Sierra Nevada…a first for me.


Then Big Man celebrated a birthday so we headed up to Las Alpujarras (more snow but plenty of fun) then a final fiesta with poppies and even some sunshine.



We’re still dealing with stormy weather but last week we finally had our internet reconnected (not for want of trying) and then here we are…a few months down the line but back up our mountain.


It’s been a long time, and this has been a whistlestop catch up. It’s good to be back with you all!



47 thoughts on “And then it rained…

  1. What a wet adventure you have enjoyed. Wish you could send some rain our way, we are desperately in need.
    Enjoy your time back in Spain sweet friend. I’m off to Nairobi tomorrow for 3 weeks.
    Love and hugs to you.
    🙂 Mandy xoxo

      1. Your wish is happening, Tanya. Halfway between Kidderminster and Worcester and it’s the first wet (and cold) day of my holiday. Hope it’s going to be sunny down on the South coast in June. So looking forward to meeting. Diane

  2. Great trip even with the rain, and so badly needed in Spain. Lots of lovely pics to bring happy memories, to us too. Good to see you back online. XXX S & D

  3. That’s an impressive cake!
    I see Jesus has been out for a walk. Is there a Virgin Mary to accompany him? I remember reading a book called “Our Lady of the Sewers,” where the Virgin gets taken on a procession through a deep river and spends the night on a hill. There is much celebration throughout the night.
    It’s good to have you back!

    1. Good to be back! Jesus was San Isidro Labrador, the worker of the fields and patron of many of the villages round here. HUGE celebration involving lots of beer, wine and paella 😀 and yes, various Virgin Marys (and you can imagine the jokes about Virgins etc) all have their special days throughout the year!

  4. Oh, please send some of that rain up to us. And those oysters, they look fantastic. The cake as well. Lovely journey you guys are having. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hasn’t the weather been weird? It’s great to get an update from you, and what an enormous tortilla! Wishing you a happy summer 🙂 🙂 We’re popping over to Tavira, just for a week, mid-June. Can’t stay away much longer. 🙂

  6. Yes, I know it is a long way, but may we have just some showers also 🙂 !!! Ooh, can’t get my eyes away from those oysters – longer, narrower and neater-looking than most of ours . . . . lovely photo series, love the look of that panettone-like cake . . .

  7. Your pictures seem exceptional and very stunning, Chica. The rain makes everything so charming. This kind of a road trip is perfect. How long did it take you to explore the west coast of France?

    1. Thank you formyour kind comment. We had 5 days in Biscarosse, but there was so much to see we’ll be returning. It would be a great base for a couple of weeks!

  8. It’s been the worst year ever for rain in Seville too. We just can’t cope with it here either. The whole city goes on hold, kids don’t go to school, supermarkets close, and old people have to find somewhere else to sit during the day. Disaster.

    Love the look of that tortilla. I’ve seen so many types, so many flavours, sizes and colours. Someone should start a tortilla museum. I’m sure they could fill up a few rooms.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip, despite the weather.

    Thanks for the entertainment.

    Barry O’Leary

    1. It’s been such weird weather this year in Spain. We had hailstones yesterday! Had to smile when you mentioned that the old people had to find somewhere else to sit… So true, our old boys here have spent a lot more time in the bar recently 😉

      1. That’s one of the best things about the rain. I remember returning home one late afternoon after a few cheeky beers, my wife said ‘where have you been?’ and I replied, slurring slightly ‘it was raining so we got stuck in the bar.’

  9. Looks like a lovely trip, rain notwithstanding. (It’s been raining incessantly here, too.) I must say, the size of that tortilla caught my eye, never seen one so huge!

  10. I’m planning on bringing the sunshine with me next Friday……………….here’s hoping!! xxx

  11. Hi Chica!
    I left a comment/question the other day but no idea what happened to it. Floating around out there somewhere! 🙂 It that beautiful tortilla yours? What is it made of? Also can you share the recipe for the citrus cake? That looks delicious too!

    1. Hi Chris, sorry I seem to have lost several comments in then last few days. Apologies, I always like to respond. The tortilla was made by a pal with the usual ingredients but in a special pot that is sold here, something like a cross between a slow cooker and a frying pan 😀 I will be making the cake again and will share the recipe but it’s basically my standard olive oil cake batter with added orange essence and grated orange zest, then topped with a syrup made with the juice of the oranges plus a few tablespoons of marmalade . I have my best friend coming to visit this weekend so hope to make it again before she arrives, so will pay attention to the exact quantities I use then will post the recipe!

  12. Wonderful photos, I especially enjoyed the field of poppies. So nice to catch up with what has been happening. Sorry about all the rain during your travels. Love all the good food you have been enjoying. One good thing about all your rain, there should be bumper crops from everyones gardens…that is if the sun stays out.

  13. Looks like you’ve been busy having fun, seeing and doing…and living! 🙂 Love all your photos and envy you the lemons and oranges. We’ve had tons of rain here, too. All the rivers and creeks are so full. It’s pouring right now as a matter of fact, a gully washer as we like to call it.

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