Plum Blossom

It´s that time of year again.  Spring has sprung, or at least it´s starting to spring and our plum tree which sits quietly in our little olive grove has exploded into blossom.  Couldn´t resist taking a few snaps.

A Very Happy Plum Tree

The olives are showing their first very tiny flower buds which will start to open up very soon.  This, alas, I´m not looking forward to as I am hideously allergic to olive pollen and have suffered terribly for the last few years.  Fingers crossed that the 3 year programme of medication I´m signed up to with Malaga hospital does its thing.  Have been taking drops daily since October, so it will be interesting to see if I suffer any less this year than last….!


5 thoughts on “Plum Blossom

    1. Hi RaeDi. Now that I´ve read your comment it makes me realise how quick time flies – in about 2 or 3 weeks we´ll be picking those plums. I just love the way living in the country has given me a much better appreciation of nature and how incredible it all is. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I stopped by your blog but am going to head back as I didn´t check out your blossom! Take care, Tanya

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