Almost Tomato Tarte Tatin

Make it a big slice for me please!

Yes, tomatoes are now officially ripening at a rapid speed in our Huerto, and apart from drying and preserving, we are eating them too!

If you head over to Cook, Eat, Live Vegetarian you´ll find a wonderful tomato and quinoa recipe which shows you how to slow roast the delicious summer tomatoes we have in Andalucía at the moment.  The other night we were heading out for dinner, so on the way out I popped a couple of trays of tomatoes into the oven set at the lowest temperature, and when we got back about four and a half hours later I had perfect roasted tomatoes.  The house smelt wonderful too!

The next morning I braved the heat of the oven and decided to make a tomato tart.  You can also find another wonderful version over here at Sweet Pea´s Kitchen made with Heirloom Tomatoes.

I put greaseproof paper at the base of a loose bottomed tart tin (that always makes me giggle, it sounds a bit saucy!) and put the tomatoes in, cut side down.

Then I mixed 200 grams of my garlic and herb cream cheese with one egg and spread this over the tomatoes.  Finally I covered the whole thing with a sheet of puff pastry and tucked all the edges in.

I cooked it at 180ºC for about 50 minutes, left it to cool slightly in the tin for 10 minutes then turned it out on a plate.  You get a few lovely juices dripping out and it´s best served at room temperature.


43 thoughts on “Almost Tomato Tarte Tatin

  1. I’m so jealous of your homegrown tomatoes down there. Up here in Barcelona all the markets are filled with cheap, flavourless, mass produced ones. They don’t sell the delicious locally grown ones anymore, because they are too expensive. I will have to get my tomato fix through your posts.

    1. Oh what a shame – I would hve thought they would have some lovely ones in the gorgeous markets of Barcelona. Hope you enjoy the blog, lots more tomato recipes to come…

  2. Yummalicious!! 😀 I saw a pan version type thing on Master Chef Aus. the other night. These tomato things are looking so good, it makes me feel bothered that I just ate a whole tomato plainly. 😦

    1. Oh, I don´t know…if it´s a really good tomato, all it needs is a little seasoning and a dash of olive oil to make it perfect. Nothing plain abut that!

  3. Great use for the roast tomatoes! Thanks for the mention, I’m just about to roast another batch so will give this a try this week when I ‘ve had a go at the cream cheese too!!

  4. It amazes me how the humble tomato is the basis for so many incredible recipes! I will definitely know what to do with them all when my masses ripen. Any day now… any day…. !!!

  5. OK, just to be sure, you made this with your roasted tomatoes? Beautiful… I can almost smell it! I love the idea… mind if I borrow it? I’ll credit you… MMMMMMmmmmm!

  6. Sounds devine and looks gorgeous! I can just imagine how your home smelled when you came home with those roasted tomatoes! I could sit down and eat them just like that but your combination of cheeses and herbs really puts it over the top!!

  7. Deliciosa!!!! Brava!! I love cheese ( specially your garlic and herb cream cheese) tarts and with the addition of slow roasted tomatoes is simply delicious!!

    1. Gracias and Grazie! It was a good combination – with all the lovely tomatoes you have where you are, I bet you´ve got some good recipes up your sleeve…

  8. One of my favorites tomato tarts they have so much flavor. This looks delicious! I can smell your house on your return, roasting tomatoes are fabulous!….RaeDi

  9. I am addicted to your blog – trouble is I keep reading it when really hungry!!! Also living in Spain – I hesitate to put the oven on – however I am going to brave it!!!
    Thanks for your inspiration!

    1. I know what you mean – I often pick up my messages first thing in the morning and am fantasising about dinner (and cocktails) before I´ve even had breakfast! Just read your article about organic produce – very, very interesting and close to my heart. Thanks for stopping by and commenting – hope to see you back again soon!

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