Animal Cruelty in the Name of Sport

Ok, so if you don´t live in Europe and/or you are not a football fan you are probably not desperately interested in Euro 2012, the European Football Tournament that reached the first of the semi final stages tonight.

But, indulge me, and feel my pain. Spain won tonight (on penalties, which is not really a proper win in my book, but there you go) and are through to the final. Yes, “we´re” through to the final!!!

And in celebration, Alfi wholeheartedly joined in the celebrations. See that look of joy on his face? Ok, it´s submission knowing that he´ll get a biscuit.

The pain comes from the Italy-Germany match tomorrow night. I have a Spanish Big Man and an Italian Father and Passport. What happens if/when Italy win and it´s an Italy Spain final on Sunday? Feel my pain and tell me…do I wear my Spain shirt or my Italy shirt?!


52 thoughts on “Animal Cruelty in the Name of Sport

  1. I have the same problem with England and Australia.
    My view: keep an open mind and whoever is winning at half time is the shirt you wear.

      1. I was going to suggest that. You have time to whip the sewing machine out.

  2. No matter what shirt you wear, have an ample supply of wine nearby. Should someone take offense, pour a glass and “discuss” the matter. Still upset? Refill the glass, and so on. Your shirt will soon be forgotten.
    Of course, you could just wear Italy’s shirt. You know you want to. 😉

  3. While I agree on the wine suggestion I’m afraid I make myself scarce – sewing or reading a book. The football I could cope with. The commentators I would like to have rounded up and made mute.
    And please, give Alfi a big hug from me. He is gorgeous!

  4. I wish Italy wins tonight but it will be hard since Germany has had two days more rest than the Italian team. However, if Italy wins (let’s cross our fingers!!) wear both shirts: first half of the match wear the Spain shirt; during the second half, wear Italy’s.

  5. Make one of those half and half jerseys, so Spain on one side and Italy on the other. I remember seeing a girl wearing one on tv–she had a boyfriend on one team and a brother on the other. But that seems like a lot of effort on your end…hahah. May the best team win. 😉

  6. Hahaha.. your dog is such a sweetie.. I agree with your idea, sew two shorts together down the middle.. but of course, the argument will be over which one is over your heart;)

  7. What nationality is Alfie 🙂
    I feel your pain – we’ve been watching the matches round our pub, and have just seen the Italian game 🙂 🙂 Looks like Sunday is going to be a interesting day for football.

    1. He´s a little Spaniard with a Spanish doggie passport. Maybe I´ll have to stick up for Italy! I´ve told Big Man we´re eating paella AND spaghetti on Sunday 😉

  8. The safest thing is to wear is a neutral jersey like, say, Ireland for example! Then you can sing Ole, Ole, Ole to your hearts content!
    Italy are on fire!

  9. Oh would you look at little Alfi, do give him a scratch behind the ears from me for posing so beautifully for the photograph, even if he was being bribed with a treat…;-)
    Hmm what a tough dilemma – pity you can’t just ignore it and hope that it will go away…
    🙂 Mandy

    1. Alfi will do anything for food 😉 I think I´m going to be diplomatically neutral and just enjoy the game, the atmosphere and of course the wine and tapas!

  10. Sew a double sided scarf or hanky that you can wave…no one will know who you are routing for. And whoever wins…you can say you were for them all along. Good luck.

      1. Yes, Karen really gets the fine art of diplomacy! And free-flowing wine and a dog like Alfi and there’s no way you can offend a soul!

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