With All My Love…

…to my wonderful parents


Today is their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Something of an achievement eh?

I’m so proud and happy to be able to wish them every happiness on this special day. 

Love you lots Mamma and Papá – and wishing you many more special years together.


52 thoughts on “With All My Love…

    1. Wow – that is a coincidence. All good wishes to yours too, it’s lovely to hear of other long lasting relationships in these days of broken marriages and family break up. Long live romance!

    1. It is indeed a remarkable achievement and they (like many, many couple) really have gone through the better and worse, sickness and health – I’m so happy for them!

  1. Please convey our best wishes for a happy anniversary to your Mum and Dad. What a fabulous photo. We were married 48 years ago, so the photo brings back wonderful memories of that decade.

    1. Oh I will Diane – thank you so much. My mum is now getting to be quite a whizz on the computer, so I’m hoping she will see this and all the lovely messages! Not long now then till your Golden Anniversary, how wonderful 🙂

  2. and what an extraordinary shot! wow.. and FIFTY years! WOW.. your parents rock! and how cool of you to share it with us too!! have a lovely day all of you, Hope you are getting together for a big Hooly.. c

    1. Oh my parents do indeed rock! That photo was of them walking back down the aisle – I think my mum must have been saying something but no digital photos then, I think they got about 20 or so in their album and that was that, but I love it! We are heading to England next week and having a family get together. They had been due to go to Italy for a fortnight (where they went on their honeymoon) but sadly my dad contracted pneumonia 10 days ago. He’s on the mend (after giving us a BIG fright) but not allowed to travel. Never mind, they have each other and we have them 🙂

  3. My warmest congratulations to your parents and happiness to all the family celebrating! [ Have to send you my first wedding photo ‘on the sly’: almost the same dress and veil, tho’ mine was held in place by a Juliet cap and the flowers were lilies of the valley 😀 ! Simply cannot believe the similarity tho’ am giving away secrets in the process!!!!]

    1. Thank you Eha and I’d love to see the photo! Funnily enough my mum made this dress from a simple pattern – what makes it bizarre is that I don’t think she’s sewn anything since (or had even sewn anything before). Back then times were tougher for them and they had a little reception in my grandparent’s home and then set off to meet all my dad’s family in Italy for their honeymoon (which by all accounts did not involve much time alone together!). Do send that photo – I got rid of mine but I looked like a meringue wearing an Elvis wig (I blame the early 1990’s!).

      1. I shall once I find which shoebox they are in [yep, often that ‘bad’ here!!]: mine was of faille . . . Oh, DO hope your Dad improves quickly and DO have a very happy family time together!! Cook Italian, drink Italian and help them plan another trip!!!

  4. What a fantastic looking couple, and you can almost see they’d be together 50 years later! Happy Anniversary to your parents, Tanya. Hope you all enjoy celebrating together, and glad to read that your dad is on the mend.

  5. What a handsome couple! Beautiful photo of your folks Tanya. Wishing them much love for a very happy 50th anniversary. So very special. My folks are 5 years behind yours.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  6. This is wonderful, Tanya! Happy Anniversary to the Newlyweds! From what I hear, the first 50 years are the toughest. 🙂 That photo is fantastic and your Mum was a beautiful bride. Dad was looking good, too.
    Sorry their trip has been delayed but it’s best to be cautious with these things. I know you cannot wait to get there to celebrate with them. Now that will be quite a party!

    1. Lovely comment John – will make sure they see this and all the others too! Yes, I think now they’re over the first 50 years, they can settle nicely into married life 🙂 They’re still little lovebirds too, it’s wonderful!

  7. What a wonderful thing to celebrate – 50 years really should be a reason for a great party!
    Has she decided if she will keep him yet? I hope they had a great day and that your Dad is getting better daily 🙂

  8. Sorry I’m late – only just catching up on my e-mails after holiday! All my love and congratulations to your mum and dad too xxxxx

      1. I am so glad, there is nothing like a good knees up with the folks to make you feel amazingly good deep down where it counts 🙂

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