Roast Chicken

Yes, a delicious chicken rubbed in za’atar, stuffed with a lemon and roasted with onion and perfect potatoes cooked in goose fat. So what? I hear you say, nothing special about that. Well, a roast chicken can mean only one thing – AN OVEN!!

Sunday Roast 007

Yes, although the full refurb of our new home is still only in the planning stages, the dismal cooking arrangements have moved into the slightly more modern era with the purchase of a very nice, temporary, second-hand oven.

Hurrah, almost normal service will be resumed. If I don’t smoke us out (no extractor) in the meantime…


61 thoughts on “Roast Chicken

  1. I have several chooks that have been digging up my blueberries that I would like to volunteer to be rolled in za’atar and sacrificed to the (tasty) greater good!

      1. Wish I could deliver on the offer! Digging up blueberries, going clucky in the shrubbery (and Steve’s shed, where 2 of them are fighting for supremacy and are roosting on his lawnmower!) and generally making nuisances of themselves. When they stop laying to go clucky I am seriously tempted to offload the lot of them and turn them into roast chook! 😉

      2. I see what you mean! In Spain, when they go clucky, we hold their nether regions under cold running water or dunk those bits into a bucket of cold water. It really does work and doesn’t do them any harm!

      3. We tried that…our chooks are made of sterner stuff. I caught one of them chasing a native bird of prey yesterday with her wings out and on full attack. Ninja chooks with attitude. Would you expect any less from a crazy place like Serendipity Farm?! 😉

  2. Hooray – that chicken looks perfect and congratulations on the new oven. I’ve got an extractor but it doesn’t go anywhere, so I make do with the window 🙂

    1. No doubt we’ll be knocking holes in walls soon to ensure optimum ventilation…I’m making do with the window too but the old lady who lived here before has smoke alarms everywhere and even steam seems to set them off!

      1. After multiple smoke alarm problems with cooking tortillas in America I hate the damn things and disconnect the batteries where necessary. I can’t stand the government trying to wrap me in cotton wool while I’m slaving over a hot stove 😉

      2. Addendum:
        I have seen a rubber glove stretched over a smoke detector in the kitchen of a friend recently – I’m at a loss to remember where, but it’s very effective 😉

  3. Aww, here’s a life lesson. I’ll never take having an oven for granted! My oven is not anything special and I’ve always wanted a better oven…but it works and I can feel how excited you are just to get an oven in your home too! I roast a chicken every weekend just to have it available for lunches and quick bites. I like your idea of using zatar; I have some currently and will have to try it this weekend.

  4. Congratulations, Tanya! A new oven is no “little thing” and a roasted chicken the perfect way to christen it. Yours looks perfect. Though I didn’t have any za’atar, I did roast a chicken for Zia while she was here. Rarely does so little effort in the kitchen give so great a reward.

    1. Thanks John – you’re right, a simple but homely dish like a roast chicken brings so much pleasure….and so many meals afterwards from the leftovers, the stock, the veggies….!

      1. Thank you Tanya, will have to get on to M about Christmas biscuit baking weekend, but will wait until after the wedding – Lynn x x

  5. Nothing with za’atar get a ho-hum. I’m thinking much more YUM! 😉 And oh so pretty… I can almost hear the skin crackle when cut. Hungry now… mmmmmm!

  6. Just looking at that crispy brown skin, I knew that a slow cooker wasn’t involved with cooking that beautiful chicken and potatoes. You have to be thrilled to have your “new” oven. 😀

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