Early one morning….

Despite a long, 2-day, 2,200km drive….we’re back at our home in beautiful Andalucia. Our mountain is still here, waiting for us. It feels oh so very good.

Montana 044 Montana 045

Temperatures right now are at about 40 degrees, we’re all taking it slowly to acclimatise. If things go to plan, we’ll be here about 4 weeks. Sigh….

Montana 049


42 thoughts on “Early one morning….

  1. Hello,( Cousin ) Chica. On the 7th May –Election day – all talk about politics in this house was banned for 24 hours, not even TV was allowed on. Reason; I was throwing a supper party using your recipes.My guests thought the Syrian Roast Leg of Lamb was outstanding ( using Welsh Lamb) and as for the sticky Citrus and Marmalade bake, one guest ( Elizabeth’s brother over from the US) raved over it and couldn’t stop until it was all gone. The guests had another surprise the next day, when they found out that the Conservative Party had won the election .

  2. The best image, for me, is the dogs who have found their well worn grooves in that lovely looking comfy couch and have settled back into Spain like they haven’t even been away 🙂

  3. Methinks looking at the dogs says it all . . . now you are there, I am certain you’ll so enjoy 🙂 !!

  4. I know you will enjoy every second of your time on the mountain…especially with the addition of good food and friends.

  5. Based on the history of Andalusia word is derived from the word ” Al – Andalus ” is an Arabic Which Means ” Being Green At End of Summer . “

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