A short walk around Burguillos del Cerro

It’s been a wee while since I posted. Some of you may even have picked up on the fact that we were due to go away for a few days with some pals to a HUGE livestock fair (the biggest in Europe I believe) in a town called Zafra. Well, we did get there and all went well. But the photos of the event….bleugh. Funnily enough, the only ones that came out half decent were of a huge barbecue affair (called a Parillada) they had there which, of course, we indulged in. Trust me to focus more on the food than the livestock.

Zafra Sep 2015 051

Zafra Sep 2015 052

We stayed near a very lovely little town called Burguillos del Cerro – very close to the frontier with Portugal.

Zafra Sep 2015 006

It’s pretty ancient and dates back to the times of the Reconquista – way back in the 700s.

House of Garlandi. 17th Century. Constructed with Roman materials reused from the Temple of Saint Coronado.
House of Garlandi. 17th Century. Constructed with Roman materials reused from the Temple of Saint Coronado.

Zafra Sep 2015 012

The weather wasn’t great the evening we took a walk around and the light was fading, but it was very atmospheric and lovely to walk around at twilight appreciating the castle way off in the distance and the old centre with buildings that are being very sympathetically restored.

Of course, then it was time to decide where to go for dinner. Priorities, priorities!



54 thoughts on “A short walk around Burguillos del Cerro

    1. The Parillada was great – mind you, we all moaned and groaned about eating too much meat that day! What I liked about Burguillos was that although the houses were being restored, they were real. People lived in them…no decaying crumbling ruins left to be forgotten.

      1. That’s definitely another thing for my mental list of things to visit in Spain, along with the festivals for snails and jamon. I’m looking at coming over to Barcelona before Christmas – just in time for the lights on the Ramblas, which are a more sophisticated than on Oxford Street 😉

  1. ¡Que sitio tan bonito Chica!! La verdad es que para nosotros Extremadura es territorio inexplorado. Pasamos por ahí todos los años camino de Cádiz y sólo paramos en el camino para tomar un bocadillo y seguimos deprisa para llegar cuanto antes al mar y alejarnos del calor que normalmente hace por esas tierras. Me alegro que vosotros sí hayas disfrutado del lugar como Dios manda.
    Un abrazo,

  2. My in-laws live in the Sierra de Aracena, Huelva, and when we visit them we get the ferry to Northern Spain and drive through the centre of Spain, passing through Zafra and Extremadura. I really love it, because it’s very similar to the Sierra de Aracena in its landscape and Iberian pigs, plus like the Alentejo in Portugal, rather impoverished and parched in summer, but also a bit of an undiscovered gem, with loads of great food on offer!

  3. Wow – what a great trip! That parillada looked so good, my Chilean boyfriend nearly pulled a muscle leaning over to look at the picture 😉
    We’ve got friends from that region – lucky them: you should see their suitcases when they come back from a weekend at home ….

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