Three months…

That’s an awfully long time to have been quiet on the blog.  Far too long! Excuses? Oh I have plenty of those! Six weeks in Spain with no Internet access (thank you Iberbanda for a spectacular cock up), then we got back to England and started ripping our own house apart…finally.



There was very little of great excitement going on in  the kitchen, partly because we don’t really have a kitchen right now and partly because I was on the “dull and boring food” diet prior to having my gall bladder removed on Monday.



So now I am reclining, not in splendour as our house looks just about as bad as it will ever get, but comfortably.  I am remembering a few days of escape to beautiful Asturias (and you can read more about a previous trip here), and dreaming of the delights I can cook and enjoy once the kitchen  is in and I’m back racing around again in my usual rude health.




I can’t promise to be back all that soon, but please do wait for me, I  miss your company!


45 thoughts on “Three months…

  1. Hope you are back on your feet very soon. Enjoy being pampered. Renovation sounds not much fun but will be worth it in the end. Take care. Have been thinking of you and wondering where you were !!

  2. Wow, I can see why cooking is daunting – you must be really looking forward to the new kitchen. It’s good to have you back and I hope you get well soon 🙂

  3. Will you stop ripping things apart and sit still for a minute – it is fairly radical to have your gall bladder removed just so you rest for a bit! Diets are good – I need one after this summer – c

  4. I’ll echo what Cecilia wrote. After a major operation years ago I went back to work far too soon and suffered the consequences of taking much longer to fully recover. Take care, Cousin, and let the Big Man take care of you.

    1. Wise words, am being sensible. I think the problem is when you start to feel better you want to take off and resume life as before. No lifting for two weeks so am taking it very gently. Big hug dear cousin xx

    1. Thank you so much Celia…the layout can’t change much but I’ll finally have a decent hob and oven and better storage…yay! Back to baking in a couple of weeks 😀

  5. I believe it is said ‘It never rains but pours’! More than true in your case and I can imagine how absence of Internet in Spain would affect you. Hope you were able to have just a ‘keyhole’ to remove that wretched bladder and that there were no stones or in the passages . . . darn painful business! Best of luck in feeling better every day so you can begin making inroads into having the kitchen worthy of you talents 🙂 ! Warm greetings from down south . . .

    1. Yes, it’s been quite full on here…even one of the dogs is due a little op next week! Am being sensible, eating well and healthily and feeling better every day. Thank you for the good wishes 😀

  6. Bugger about the surgery Tania. Wishing you a super speedy recovery and what fun renovating your home. Can’t wait to see it all.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    🙂 Mandy xo

      1. What a day I have had! Pete home all of 12 hours AND he has booked me a trip with him to the London! I cannot believe it. Still so much to plan and finalise and visas and and and BUT I will have 2 days to play while he is busy with a conference. Think 7 & 8 or 8 & 9 November. Will confirm as soon as I know. We will be staying the Novotel London West Hotel, 1 Shortlands Hammersmith. Is that anywhere near you? I would LOVE to meet. This is all so very exciting and overwhelming! Chat soon again. xo

      2. Oh Mandy, that’s wonderful news! I’m just a couple of hours from London so you let me know when and I’ll be there…Coffee, lunch, drinks, dinner, a guided tour….you can count on me for whatever works for you! Keep me posted 😀😀

      3. I am beyond excited that I can barely think straight! I need to make a list of all I want to do – not sure where to start with that. This is such a wonderful and generous offer but I cannot expect you to travel a couple of hours to come and see me! xoxoxo

      4. Oh yes you can Mandy! It’s a direct train to London from where I live past beautiful scenery and there are always things I need to do back in my old home town. So…Just let me know when and I’ll be there 😀

        Tanya Russo 

      5. Oops, I have been spelling your name incorrectly. So sorr about that.
        Tanya, you are an agel, thank you. YAY! Can’t believe we are going to meet in a few weeks time! Will finalise and email you once I have everything sorted. Super excited! Thank you, thank you, thank you! xoxo

      6. Brilliant! And don’t worry about the spelling. My Italian and Spanish families spell it that way too as they don’t use the “y”! As my grandmother usee to say “call me what you like, just don’t call me late for dinner “! 😀

  7. Can’t remember when I last posted something myself 😃. I’m recovering from some major surgery myself at the moment so maybe in my recovery I’ll post too. Good luck with your surgery love xo

      1. I am thanks love. Had a gastric sleeve op and am losing the weight at a breakneck speed! I had my gallbladder out around 2011 after putting up with awful pain and nausea for close on seventeen years. Best choice I ever made! You will feel so much better after your op. Take care xo

  8. Olá Chica! Nice to hear from you. I hope you make a speedy recovery! Good luck with the move too. All is well with me, still at the plant nursery, Viverplanta, Olhão where the olive trees and fruits trees are growing well. 🙂

  9. Welcome back, lovely Tanya! You’ve more than earned a serious break, but are of course very good to have back in our midst. More deliciousness is sure to ensue!!!
    Best regards,

    1. Thanks Tanya…I’m a week post surgery and feeling good! The kitchen is being fitted this week so hopefully things will be getting back to relative normality soon!

  10. So sorry to learn of your surgery, Tanya. I hope that, by now, you’re well on the road to recovery. IF it had to happen, I’d prefer it now before the kitchen is remodeled. I’d hate to be recuperating with a brand new kitchen just beyond my reach. There’s just no way that would work. 🙂

  11. I recently went without internet access for quite some time thanks to our move. I hope you recover quickly and good luck with the project. Looks like a whopper.

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