Road Trip

Time to leave England for a few weeks and head back Up the Mountain.


The  kilometers flying past through French fields of gold.


A pit stop in Spain and time to explore the beautiful little town of Aranda de Duero.


Then home, to amazing skies. Time to reconnect with our Spanish family and friends. Happy May Day to you all!


23 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. It looks stunning Ms Chica. Pardon me for asking, but as a far flung antipodean to the events going on in your neck of the woods I am curious…is Brexit going to cause you any problems travelling back and forth to your home in Spain?

    1. I’m not sure. All rather worrying. Not sure how it’s going to effect either of us. Worst case I’ll just have to renew my Italian passport! Fingers crossed we’re all just worrying for nothing. Hope all is well with you two 😀

      1. Five days to go by our mornings and nights! We may be ‘at the ends of the earth’ but we are worrying too!

      2. Hunky dory Ms Chica. Stevieboy and I have just managed to nail down our footage for our documentaries and are just about to start the dreaded ‘edit’ to make our short doco’s so all’s on track for our course and it’s getting cold here, 2C this morning, so we are starting to settle into our winter routine with Brunhilda bringing up the rear and keeping us warm, well fed and content. Good luck with the Brexit thing and hopefully nothing untoward occurs that prevents you travelling like you do. I know it is both necessary and a joy for you both 🙂

  2. Wonderful! Have a fabulous time reconnecting with your Spanish family and friends.
    Sending you love and hugs from Kenya. Pete and I back in Nairobi after our glorious longweekend away in Diani.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. Beautiful! We’re planning to drive up from Benalmadena to Ipswich and I’m seeing two different routes – any advice or recommendations? It will be my husband and I and our 3 year old. No animals. We definitely want to stop a bit, but are on a rather tight budget. Any insight or websites to look at would be really appreciated! Thank you!

    1. You’ll have fun! Going from Spain to the UK we often stop in Burgos. The city is lovely and the drive from the south is good for the first day. We use Hotel Cordon which I think is about 50 euro. Parking is either off street or in a public Parking. In France you can make 1 or 2 stops depending on how many hours you want to drive. We head up the west coast towards Bordeaux (lovely!) and often stop in Niort or Le Mans. If you’re on a really tight budget, in France you could use Premier Classe Motels. Super basic but clean and can sleep 3 for about 40 euro if you book ahead. We then drive to Calais and cross on the ferry as we are glad of a little break after so much driving. Please e-mail me if I can help any more!

  4. Hope you are doing well. Love the photo of that beautiful sky. I’m sure you are enjoying your time back in Spain and reconnecting with everyone.

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