Vegetable Fried Rice

Crispy and Vegetable-y

With the hot weather we´ve been having, the desire to cook has been low.  But…a girl and her Big Man have to eat, so the other night we decided on some grilled langoustines with some vegetable fried rice to accompany it.  Fried rice is an alien concept to most Spaniards, so Big Man had visions of me deep frying individual grains of rice or making some sort of croquette.

To his relief, and mine (due to the heat), it was a simple dish with only the smallest amount of oil and frying involved.

I boiled some rice (I used brown, but the choice is yours).  While this was cooking I fried a finely chopped onion and two crushed cloves of garlic in a very small amount of oil in a non stick pan until it started to look brown at the edges.  Then I added finely chopped courgette and a long thin green pepper and continued to stir fry them.

In a separate pan I made the thinnest omelette known to man!  Whisk one egg and pour into a lightly oiled pan- almost as if you were making a crêpe – and make a very thin omelette.  Flip it over to get both sides lightly browned and slide onto a plate to cool a little.

When the rice is cooked, drain well and add to the vegetables.  There´s no need to add more oil if you have a good pan as you will now almost dry fry it.  Season with salt and pepper and every few minutes give it a stir until the rice starts to brown.

Are those prawns ready yet?!

Roll up the world´s thinnest omelette and cut it into fine shreds.  Sprinkle these eggy shreds over the top of your rice, mix gently and serve.


39 thoughts on “Vegetable Fried Rice

  1. That looks delicious and must have been just right with the langoustines. This hot weather leads to invention, dishes that don’t add too much to the heat! I’ll be sorry when summer’s over, but even so will enjoy making stews and roasted dishes again.

    1. It was a good combination. I know what you mean – I´ll miss the summer as I like the heat, but am looking forward to autumn and a change in food and cooking style.

  2. Now this I have to try – it looks and sounds amazing! Thank you for the detailed instructions, they’re great; I have some cooked rice in my fridge at the moment, so this will be for supper tonight!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Chica. Love fried rice but very rarely make it. This looks so yummy. Will be making this for supper tonight. Thanks for sharing.
    Regards Florence x

  4. I always get so inspired by the many posts I read and this one sparked my interest to make fried rice! I definitely didn’t have this growing up in an Italian family! But I love your healthy version and a great weeknight meal!

    1. We didn´t get to eat it very often either – maybe on special occasions when Papá went out for a Chinese takeaway! Can recommend it, even without anything on the side it´s great.

  5. You’re right. This would make a tasty meal on one of those too-hot-to-cook days. And i isn;t that hard to make. I don’t know why I only have it when I order Chinese food. I hope this post spurs me into trying to make it for myself.

  6. Of course, that is what I wanted to make for dinner tonight! Thank you.. My only problem is rice, i am hopeless with the rice! but i shall perservere.. c

  7. What a beautiful dish, I love fried rice and there are so many variations! This is a good one, we haven’t had fried rice in a long time, guess we’ll be having some soon! ….RaeDi

  8. Mmmmmm I love veggie fried rice! An easy rice recipe I make is a sort of curry rice. While the rice is boiling in water, I add two teaspoons of curry, and a pinch of salt. Then I lightly stir-fry it with some celery, zucchini (courgette?) and/or green beans and peas. When it’s done, I’ll throw in the optional chopped raisins and almonds. Delicious! 😉

  9. It is also been so hot in Rome!! I totally love this recipe, specially the fact you used brown rice. It certainly makes the dish richer!! The courgette and green peppers just add that freshness to balance the dish!! Simply delicious!!! Brava!!!

  10. In one word..YUM
    I love fried fact I really love expirementing with rice dishes alot..add different vegetables and different spices and you have a new meal every time

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