Pickled Chilies, Fridge Chilies, Dried Chilies, Chilly Chilies

Can you guess what this post is about? There´s a small hint in the title…

Yes, I am a complete chili addict.  I love things hot and spicy, but I know that not everyone else does.  Big Man has gradually increased his “heat tolerance” over the last few years, but he´s still got a way to go before he catches up with me.  A way around this is to grow your own chilies and then use them as you like.  They´re hard to buy here, Spain is not typically a nation of spicy food lovers.

Most of the chilies ripen at around the same time.  We planted late this year, so ours are all starting to turn red or orange (some are picked green) in early September. When you have this glut of chilies, you have to do something with them to keep them for the year ahead.

Chili Heaven

The simplest methods are (apart from eating them fresh), to freeze them or dry them.  Last year I planted long thin green chilies, some stubby orange ones, and the fiery cayennes.  You can see them in the photo.  If anyone wants seeds, please let me know and I´d be happy to mail them to you…honestly, if you have the weather for growing them they should do well.

This year I also planted some that a neighbour gave me (I don´t have a photo as they are not ripe yet) of some super fiery pinky red chilies that look like little balls or rose hips when they are mature.  If anyone knows what they might be, I´d love to know.

Some of my chilies I pickle and I followed the guidelines in Olives and Artichokes post here.  I used mustard seeds and peppercorns in this particular jar, but am going to enjoy playing around with spices and pickles over the next few weeks.

And a final way, which may be new to you, is my mum´s refrigerator chili preserve (for want of a better name) which keeps for a month or two and is for dedicated chili lovers who enjoy spooning spicy fresh chilies over anything and everything.  Cut your chilies finely, scissors help with this as they help avoid nasty incidents with chili fingers in eyes.  Put them into a sterilised jar (recently out of the dishwasher is good). Cover the chilies with oil (I use olive oil but any oil will do) and soya sauce (about 8 oil to 1 soya).  Keep in the fridge, shake before serving, and enjoy the buzz!

We are off on holiday tomorrow (yay!) for a week – looking forward to catching up on all your posts and comments when we´re back.  ¡Hasta luego!


45 thoughts on “Pickled Chilies, Fridge Chilies, Dried Chilies, Chilly Chilies

  1. This is one time that you shan’t tempt me to follow your lead. I like a little spice to my food but not nearly enough to can chilis or use them to infuse oil. I’ve considered growing my own, however, because my parrot loves chilis, the hotter the better, and it’s one sure way of giving her organic food. Never mind her. I really stopped by to wish you a great holiday! Get some rest, eat well, and enjoy yourselves!

    1. I love that your parrot eats chilies! My chickens do sometimes (inadvertently) – can be quite explosive! Thanks for your kind words and looking forward to catching up with your posts later in the week.

  2. These are such good ways to use a good crop of of chillies! We can buy chillies, green and red, easily here in Kwazulunatal, and they always go off before I finish them. Thanks for these great ideas 🙂

  3. Wow… you can have mine! I don’t do that kind of heat… for some reason it just doesn’t make me happy at *all*. But it sure is pretty in your photos! Enjoy!

  4. Your chilis sound great preserved that way. I have been keeping mine in the freezer and will give your method a try. The flavorful oil will be great also. I know that you will have a lovely holiday and can’t wait for you to return. I know you will have beautiful photos for us to see. Have fun.

  5. Mmm… I’m right there with you on Hot and Spicy!! And I definitely need to try your mum’s chili preserves! I can think of a ton of ideas to top that on!! Have a wonderful trip!!

  6. I know about accidents. I would not tell just anyone this but I am sure you will be kind. I cut up a jalapeno for dinner the other day, it was a hot day,afterwards I stood at the sink and washed my hands then without any thought at all, i cupped my hands under the cold water and wiped my WHOLE face with the cold water.. Oh Dear! really OH DEAR! .. I have now developed an arachnaphobic sized terror of the evil chilli! have a lovely holiday.. come back soon.. c

    1. Oh dear, I hope you forgive the evil chilli soon…this comes from a woman who chopped a chilli once and then put her contact lenses in (only one, obviously as my eye was on fire)!!

  7. I am definitely a spicy food lover! I really need to plant some chilies next year. I have dried chilies before but never pickled them…I need to get on that! 🙂

  8. Hope you’re having a wonderful vacation, Tanya!
    One more chili suggestion – jelly! Sweet AND hot, and great with cheese… I haven’t made it myself, but I’ve had some really good ones from some small local producers… I’ll scout around for a recipe.

  9. I just thought of you because I just posted a recipe for Fresh Salsa with Cilantro. Some of these chiles would taste great in there pre-pickled. Also, I’m sure you have a tomato tree with fresh tomatoes, but I’m not sure if you grow cilantro or coriander. I use one bunch of cilantro for the salsa. You can never have too much cilantro! 🙂
    Have a great week!

    1. Ohh – fresh salsa with cilantro, sounds greats. I am a huge cilantro fan although my growing season didn´t last too long this year (not sure why). Will check out your recipe!

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