Copy Cat, Copy Cat – Doggy Treats and Scones for the Big People

Me that is…I´m the Copy Cat!  I´ve been picking up lots of fantastic recipes over the last few months via all the blogs that I am following, many of which I have promised myself I would cook once the temperatures started to drop and I could bear to put the oven on.

Well, yesterday the storm clouds gathered and at one point we had thunder and pouring rain.  It was dark and gloomy – perfect baking weather. Added to this was my technical nightmare with WordPress, but thanks to all you lovely people out there I eventually got things sorted and am able to post again.  It was lovely to have so much support – it´s a funny old thing isn´t it that people you don´t really “know” and will probably never meet face to face care enough to step in and offer help.  Made me feel very warm and good, so thank you again.

Anyway, back to the kitchen.  I have seen a few great recipes for dog biscuits recently and I asked myself “why the heck am I forking out for rubbishy treats for my beloved pooches, when the rest of the food they eat is healthy?”.  So, recipe number one comes from Greg and Katherine over at Rufus´Food and Spirits Guide, or more precisely their faithful hounds Mingus and Coltrane, who are probably nearly as good in the kitchen as their master and mistress.

That´s a lot of doggy happiness on one tray

Mingus and Coltrane, Luna and Alfi salute you.  It was hard to get pics of them eating the biscuits as they were gone too quickly and Luna, for some reason is camera shy!

Anyway, here are a few photos so that any dog lovers out there can say “aah” and chuckle again at Alfi´s new haircut.

The second Copy Cat experiment today was with scones.  Well, I did have the oven on.  I love scones but have never had too much luck baking them. Either they turn out really hard and I tell people that they were MEANT to be rock cakes, or they rise too much and are far too dry and crumbly.

Well, my scone woes are over thank to Cecilia at thekitchensgarden and this is the recipe that changed my scone baking forever.   God I love that woman and her family recipes.

Super Size Me

The only problem is that it was a long, long afternoon.

The butter was cold, I couldn´t spread it any thinner...honestly!

And I had so many jams to try.

Cherry or apricot? Oh go on...have both!

Well, I had to just check a few of them out to make sure that the first Super Scone of my life wasn´t a fluke.  It wasn´t.

PS. I did quite seriously debate with myself about not telling Big Man there were scones left and offering him a delicious “peanut butter cookie”.  But I didn´t.  You see, not such a greedy guts after all!


Thank You, Grazie, Gracias, Merci

Well, after my plea for help this afternoon I finally seem to be able to post properly again with links!

I´m not sure exactly what it was that sorted things, although I suspect a browser upgrade, but it all seems to be back on track.

I just wanted to say a huge THANK you to everyone and to say that “normal service” will be resumed tomorrow…phew!

In the meantime, please do pop in for a plate of paella if you´re in the neighbourhood!

Dinner won´t be long...