Squid with Garlic, Lemon and Parsley and a “How To”

We´re very lucky Up The Mountain to be able to get hold of fresh fish, even though we live 45km from the coast.  Having said that, I do keep fish in my freezer and cleaned squid is one of those things that keeps well and seems to suffer no ill effects from freezing. We don´t get a visit from Fish Man on Mondays, becuase there is no fishing on Sundays, but this morning he drove up, and this is what we bought.

One of the effects of little Alfi´s run in (literally) with Fish Man´s van is that when he hears him approaching and bipping his horn, he runs and hides under the nearest table, shaking and looking very sorry for himself.  Whilst I don´t like to see him frightened, at least I know he has learned a very important lesson as far as cars and dogs go.

Today I´m going to give you a super easy way of cooking squid, which I know can be quite scary looking. I´m also going to tell you how to clean them if you ever do get lucky enough to get hold of fresh squid for either cooking that day or freezing for another day.

Feeling brave?  Come on then, get those kitchen gloves on and let´s get cracking.

First of all you need to grab hold of that squid like you mean business.

Now pull the legs and anything that comes with them out and put to one side for the moment.

Now pull out the spine which looks like a sliver of clear plastic. Sorry this is a bit blurred – Big Man was in charge of photos and was excited about eating squid!

Rinse the body (including the inside) and go back to the legs which you will pull or snip away from any mucky bits in the middle just below the “eyes”. Still blurry, still excited!

From the centre of the legs (which are really tentacles!) pull out the hard centre core (or beak).

Rinse the legs and contemplate your bowl of lovely clean squid. Well done!

Now you can either cut the squid up or leave it whole.  For battered squid rings (covered in flour and deep fried)  “A La Romana”, you´ll need to slice. Today we´re just going to keep it very simple.

Sprinkle with salt and olive oil and put onto a hot griddle or into a frying pan (no oil needed as you have already put some on the squid). Keep the heat high, they´ll need a couple of minutes on each side depending on their size.  When the flesh is no longer opaque but a good white colour, turn and continue to cook.

Remove from the heat when done and either drizzle with salsa verde and lemon juice, or add some finely chopped parsley, garlic and lemon juice.  Serve with plenty of delicious crusty bread to mop up those amazing juices.

And if you can´t get hold of fresh squid, oriental stores often sell packets of squid tubes frozen which are very good!


57 thoughts on “Squid with Garlic, Lemon and Parsley and a “How To”

  1. Fantastic, I love squid, especially the tentacles! Apparently a huge amount of squid are fished for European consumption, from around the Falkland Islands 😉

  2. Ooooh… I love squid – one of my all time favourites. I don’t even mind the cleaning (as a child, I used to love finding the backbones and sliding them out). I know… I’m odd! 🙂

  3. mmm… I’ll leave all that squidding to you and just munch down my calamari rings… you’re amazing, I don’t know how you did any of that, but one day, surely, maybe, I’ll give it a go myself!

  4. I love squid and this recipe looks extremely delicious. Have to try this this weekend when I can get squid in the open market. Thanks for the recipe and inspiration!

  5. Well, Tanya, you know how I feel about these beauties! Great tutorial on how to clean and cook ’em. Your grilled calamari look wonderful! I can get them fresh without any problems. For frozen, I’ve found the Asian markets have an incredible selection and a wide range of sizes. It just depends upon how they’re to be used.

    1. Glad you liked it – when I was in London I often chose frozen over fresh from the Asian supermarkets for the choice (and I am sure they were probably often “fresher” than the fresh)!

  6. I’m very lucky my little Italian market cleans my squid for me!! I just don’t think I can do it!! I like the easy, quick recipe. I’m always thinking I need to do so much more, but the simpler is the better!!

  7. I’ve only once been involved in the complete process of squid cleaning. Yes, it was for a tapas party, and yes, it turned out fabulously, so it was completely worth the effort for a big house-full of friends (plus, I was only ‘assistant’ at that station, since I had pork rolls to attend at my primary assignment on the occasion). Thanks for bringing back a very happy memory!

  8. Mmmmmmmm!!! I love squid, and this is one of D-Man’s favorite way of cooking fish. You make the cleaning part look so easy! Your cooking tips have really helped me so much along the way, especially when it comes to seafood!

  9. Great instruction on cleaning squid. I love it and it gets a thumbs up by all family members so I really ought to cook it more often.

  10. This was really interesting to me as I had no idea how to clean a squid and have bookmarked this for reference. They are such tasty morsels if you can get them fresh and I love your simple preparation, too. Also love that you have on your bracelets with your gloves while cleaning…a sign of a woman who clearly has command of what she’s doing! 😉

  11. I love squid and we were fortunate to have enjoyed it a few times during our holiday travels, mostly because we were in coastal areas.

    Hey and don’t criticize the Big Man for blurry photos…perhaps you shouldn’t have been moving so quickly. 😉 (We men have to stick together)

    1. Glad you´ve managed to enjoy squid on your travels. Ok, I´ll stop blaming Big Man – he actually takes most of the “finished” food photos as his seem to come out better than mine!

  12. It seems some of the best of foods need only salt, olive oil, parsley and lemon. Perfectly example here.
    I don’t think I’ll ever DO this – Im just a bit squeamish on such things. But I’d EAT it, that’s for sure! And I loved the tutorial all the same!

  13. I just love the nail polish under those gloves ;0) that made me smile. Great tips, we don’t get fresh squid here but I’ll keep the knowledge stored for another day.

    1. I secretly try to “keep up the standards”. Actually, that´s a lie, keeping chickens and growing plants makes wearing nail polish a rare thing now…I must have been out somewhere nice the night before 😉

  14. I am lucky in two ways. The market where I buy my seafood offers squid three ways, whole, bodies, and legs. If I can only find them whole, my husband does the cleaning. No messy body parts for me.

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