It was a Crafty Christmas

Now that it´s all over and presents have been unwrapped and are being enjoyed, I can show you some of the things I made for friends and family without spoiling the surprise.

First up was a simple apron…I know Ria my best friend will be reading this, but I know she won´t mind me sharing (and learning) the fact that the fabric came from a pillow case I found in a shop that seemed to have come loose from its partner and was being sold in the bargain bin. I unpicked it, washed and ironed it. It´s amazing how much fabric is used in a simple pillow case.  I just loved the fabric and thought “I can do something with that”. So I did!

I roughly copied the shape of an apron I have and added a pocket.  You can´t have an apron without a pocket, can you? Then I ran a matching bias binding round the outside and also used it to make the ties.

I had enough fabric to also make a matching oven glove – here´s how I did it.

I cut out two outer shapes (from my existing oven glove) and two the same in white fabric for the inside, plus two pieces of wadding so that it can be used by a left or right handed person (that´s for when I visit her!).

Then I machined round each 3 layer “sandwich” and zig zagged round the edges.

I added bias binding round the wrist edge and a tag to hang it up. I realised after I had finished I should have put the tag so that it stuck into the reversed glove so that it would be outside when it needs to be hung up. Oh well, we learn by our little mistakes.

Then I joined the 2 “sandwiches” together and then turned the glove the right way out. Next time I´ll remember about the tag and perhaps put a double layer of wadding.

Ria´s final gift was something she had mentioned to me that she had thought about buying – fabric bunting. As, like mostly anyone who sews, I have a stash of fabric remnants at home, I decided I´d give this a go.  And what fun it was!
I found this incredible tutorial on how to make bunting…if you want to give bunting making a go, I can highly recommend it. There´s lots of other really great stuff on there too!

OK, more updates to come soon on things I have made, but in the meantime I´m off to make soup…


52 thoughts on “It was a Crafty Christmas

    1. My friend has it in her conservatory for the winter and then said she will put it in her garden! Want to find a bride who wants a bridal themed bunting now as I love making it!

  1. Clever idea!
    With fabric shops going the way of the dinosaur over here – and GOOD fabric being ridiculously expensive – this re-purposing fits the bill nicely…Wonder if I have room for more? Maybe if I move the Yarn Stash around… Good thing the house is large!

    1. I have done one, but haven´t put it up yet. It´s the first and only one I´ve done – 16 years in the making and is very wonky!! I´ll come clean one day and “show” it 😉 The bunting seems to be a big thumbs up. Maybe I should make more!

  2. Oh you clever clever girl. You have give me a wonderful gift. My MIL bought herself a new sewing machine Months ago and it is still in the box, and i only have TWO aprons (with pockets) that i endlessly wear. I will make myself some more! FAB! tanya i could kiss you for this idea! c

    1. Still in the box? I wouldn´t be able to resist taking out for a play! Aprons are super easy, especially if you know how to apply bias binding (I know some serious sewers sniff at it, but I don´t let that bother me!). Just trace round an old one using some newspaper and voilà – you have a pattern 🙂

  3. Such a clever Chica! Where I would have seen a pillow case that might be used as a bag, you saw an apron and oven mitt — and then you set out to make them both. Well done!

  4. Don’t you find the deepest satisfaction in love-gifts made by hand? Warms two hearts, doesn’t it? I love the resourcefulness you so often display Chica Tanya! You see something intended for one purpose and you see it (and give it) a totally new one! I love the idea of a bunting strung over and through a garden! Even before anything growing, there’s life! Very fun. Thank you for inspiration!

    1. Ah, thank you so much! I think a lot of it comes from the fact that I hate throwing anything away (especially fabric) 🙂 Mind you, I don´t mind throwing things away if they are going into the recycling bin or to the charity shop….

      1. When my husband’s shirts fray on the cuffs, loving fabric as I do too, I cut them into pieces and incorporate them into quilts. I’ve been falling a bit behind on that pastime since blogging entered my life, so I admire you all the more for maintaining your diverse creativites! 🙂

  5. Cute apron and mitts. I made aprons this holiday season too, and I tried making mitts, which were disasterous! Congrats on making them successfully! I love the bunting. I’m hosting a baby shower in a few months and it would be a great addition for decoration!

    1. You´re inspiring me now – baby shower bunting, wedding bunting…so many things you could do! Shame about the mitts – I think I just got lucky as I used a super simple shape to trace around. Don´t give up!

  6. Okay, the apron and mitt are marvelous, in their charming fabric and lovely and practical design–but that bunting!! What an adorable idea! I think I might have to figure out a good excuse for making one for our front porch this spring. Love it!!!

  7. I admire the fact that you created something beautiful and functional on a bargained item. It always appreciate people who can turn an old, worn, even discarded items into treasures. Thanks for today’s inspiration . Have a wonderful day.

  8. You are such a clever girl! LOVE that you recycled a beautiful pillowcase! I have not used my sewing machine for *hangs head in shame* over 4 years! My mom has though, so hope that makes up for it a little bit. In fairness to myself, we were away for nearly 3 years…oh excuses, excuses! Like you, I always like to give homemade gifts – SO much more special!
    🙂 Mandy

  9. Gosh! You’re amazing! I wish I had the machine and time to do these crafty things. I can really imagine myself one day dumping everything and going off to buy the machines and material, then never be seen by sunlight (…until I get all the sewing I want to do done!)

    🙂 You inspire me. I wish I was your neighbour.

    1. I think your “real” life is a lot more hectic than mine. I do have the luxury of time, which makes such a difference! And you do say the loveliest things Fati – would love us to be neighbours 🙂

  10. Tanya, you make me want to pull out my sewing machine!! How creative to make these from pillow cases!! I remember always looking at any fabric as opportunity to recreate it into something else!! Even when I donate my clothes I stop and think about doing recreating their use; but alas, my sewing days are so long gone!!

  11. Hi everyone! I am the lucky gift recipient and I love my apron even more now I know it started life as a pillow case 🙂 The bunting is hanging proudly in my conservatory waiting for summer to arrive and everybody has commented on it – even the man from the Council who visited!! My very talented best friend could have a career in bunting making – bagsy I’m her agent though………

    1. Ah, thanks so much Ria – it was certainly a big hit in Blogland! Let me know if anyone is getting married, having a birthday…I have a “yen” to make more! Of course, 10% commission to you 🙂 Love xxx

  12. Cute apron and mitt and it has reminded me that I need an apron. Haven’t got one. Should make one. What was the soup you made after?

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