Going to the Wedding Dress 2

Sewing Alert –click away now if you´d rather read a recipe!  Why not try this one for a change of scenery.

The second dress, a Butterick Pattern (B5556) was finished in time for the wedding last night. Ooh it was a typical late night, so am feeling rather jaded today.

As I stood in the garden asking Big Man to take some snaps for the blog, the wind whipped up and you can´t really see  the general soft meringueness of the skirt with the petticoat underneath (with a layer removed).

I did a few twirls to show off the five, yes five, metres each of skirt and lining which I finished the same way at the Going to the Wedding Dress 1.

Give us a twirl!

I hand stitched the zip, which turned out well and was very happy with the dress apart from having needed to be a little braver in taking the waist in a little more. I loved the stand up/fold down collar.

Elvis Collar

Hey ho, at least it meant I could eat in comfort.

And there was plenty of room in the dress for hugging and kissing the bride and groom, most of the 500 guests (gulp…that´s not a wedding, it´s a Corporate Event) and eating cake.


81 thoughts on “Going to the Wedding Dress 2

    1. Thank you! We were sensible, fortunately, with the booze as the wedding was a good drive away but these events start and finish so late. We left just after 2am (shortly after the cake had been cut!) and were among the early leavers. Once the summer fiestas get into full swing I´ll be back in the rhythm of these super late nights but today I feel like I have jet lag as I can´t sleep in all morning. A sign of age I guess 😦

  1. Oh Tanya, you look gorgeous in your beautiful dress! I WANT ONE TOO!!! So when can I come for a fitting? I honestly would love a dress just like that but think I would like the extra layer of petty coat please. 😀
    The bride and groom look gorgeous too – what a lovely couple. I was once told that the amount of layers to your wedding cake is how many children you want to have…
    🙂 Mandy

    1. Thank you Mandy – it was fun to wear a petticoat with a bit of oomph! Would love to make you a dress…come on over for your first fitting 😉 Crieky, the young couple had better get cracking…how many layers was it on the cake?!

    1. Ah thanks Babs – that means a lot! I look at photos of me know and think – who is that matronly looking woman, where did the young girl go?! But then I realise I am happy and comfortable “in my skin” and get things back into perspective!

  2. Tanya! Tanya! Tanya! You look fabulous and gorgeous!!! My eyes literally lit up when I saw this post. I love how nicely the dress complements your figure! Go girl!

  3. fabulous dress on a beautiful woman!! you sparkle, and that CAKE! oo la la! are there two weddings? where did you wear your other dress to?.. c

    1. You are very kind celi – I have to work with what God gave me! No, just the one wedding but I went ahead and made the second dress which had sleeves as the weather turned chilly. Now I have two lovely dresses to wear to Fiestas..we also have a christening late this year…twins are on the way for another member of Big Man´s family!

    1. I took your advice and went slow and steady – apart from the collar (which was a little tricky but once I´d worked it out it made perfect sense!) the rest of the dress was pretty straightforward and I really enjoyed making it. Thanks for your kind words!

    1. Thank you – I bought the fabric last time I was in London in my old neighbourhood, Tooting Broadway. There is an indoor market and an Indian family there have an amazing collection of really reasonable fabrics.

  4. It looks lovely, especially the twirly skirt. And what an amazing wedding cake – I’ve never seen one with so many layers, but I suppose it was needed for 500 guests!

    1. Ah, thank you! I did enjoy twirling last night 😉 Yes, it was a pretty tall cake….I didn´t actually get to taste it as I was so full by the end of the meal 😦

  5. I love the dress! I think it is so nice that you have a dress that totally flatters you…and you made it yourself. I’m sure you got lots of compliments at the celebration.

  6. Tanya… this dress is superb! I love the skirt.. the twirl the color.. the pattern.. all of it!! It must have been so wonderful dancing in this dress, it’s sooo romantic!!! You’re really inspiring me to sew again.. it’s been so long since I’ve made anything!

  7. Great dress…I’m always so jealous of your skills! 500 guests…I don’t think I would be able to conjure up 150…wow!

      1. You jolly well should be 😉 It’s too adorable and so beautifully made.

  8. ¡Que guapa eres!! And your sewing skills – wow! – the dress is absolutely lovely and classy. You’re a jane-of-all-trades – gardening, huerta-ing, living abroad, cooking, sewing…. As they say: “¡Que apañá eres!” 😉

  9. I say! You scrub up well! 🙂 Only joking. You look stunning. Love the dress. The fabric is gorgeous.
    Regards Florence x

    1. Actually, I was laughing saying to Big Man that previously I never went out without heels and full “war paint” now it´s the other way round – it felt a little odd to be wearing tights (yuk!), heels and make up!

  10. Great job Chica – I hate to think what would happen if I tried making something to wear. My wife has some skills but tends to “give up” half way too. She made me a “scarf” once and gave up when it was about 50cm long… grr!

  11. Tanya, nice to see you at last! 🙂 You look wonderful! And I know how it feels to wear a dress you’ve sewn with your own hands. No clothes bought from a shop lets one feel the same comfort.

  12. Gorgeous fabric and I love the lines of the dress. And you really look so beautiful in it, Tanya! What fun it must be to have tailor made beautiful clothes to wear. I wish I had the sewing talent, but it is one that passed me over completely, sadly.

    1. Thank you, I had to go and look at the photo and yes, it does give me a sash from shoulder to waist. Shame the waist and chest are so wide! Thank you for your lovely words!

  13. What a lovely dress, Chica, and you looked stunning in it! I read every detail of both these sewing posts, it was so interesting. You are very talented, and sewing is a lovely way to spend a rainy day! Glad you had a great time at the wedding. 🙂

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