Trying to be clever…

Oops! I changed my e-mail address last night on WordPress. And what did it do to me? Well, it deleted all (oh yes, ALL) my subscriptions.

So…over the next few days I will try and visit you all and re-subscribe. If I´m a regular visitor/commenter to your site and I haven´t done this in the next week, I won´t be offended if you drop by and give me a gentle nudge….I don´t want to miss out on anything.

View from a local bar….you can see why we enjoy hanging around on their terrace in the summer!

Grumble, grumble….


64 thoughts on “Trying to be clever…

  1. Just because you changed your email…I’m sorry to hear about this. I hope it doesn’t cause too many issues. And I would love to have a drink there.

    1. It does great business (a family runs it) as the food is good. In summer they open up the terrace and outdoor kitchen and in winter it´s inside and big log fires!

  2. Hmmm … I´m always filled with trepidation when changing things on my blog – just in case they disappear. I´ve just changed my theme here on WordPress – and when I´ve done this on previous occasions items in the sidebar have vanished without a trace. This time I noted everything down carefully so I could reproduce them and, as you might imagine, everything transferred across to the new theme perfectly! LOL

  3. Grumble away! I was going to change my email address on WP so thanks for the heads up! On the up side I’m presuming it’s a lovely sunny day where you are 🙂

      1. Yes, very exciting! We went to the Olympic Park yeserday – for a sneaky preview and I’m just trying to sort out the million photos so I can blog about it 🙂

    1. Luckily it´s a little local bar which is a short drive away, so I am not distracted all the time. Just out of sight is the village pool which opens next week so I often go for a swim in the evening then a quick drink in the bar with all my co-swimmers!

  4. How funny is that NOT! Why on earth did WP think that they had to delete your subscriptions? And this also explains why I had to approve your comment 🙂

  5. You’re showing up in my subscribers and I saw your comment, so good here. But what a drag that is and it must be a new thing. I changed my email a few months after I started the blog and it didn’t do that. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Oh dear! I’ve been having my own wrestling match with WordPress recently, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything works out. 🙂

  7. Welcome to my world! I offered to stay at my daughters house in town and mind their dog while they house sat their brothers appartment in Melbourne while he went to America…to cut a long story short I discovered that not only couldn’t I remember any of my passwords so that I could blog from their place, but that I also couldn’t work the remote control to save my life! I spent the entire week watching the BIO channel after the girls most thoughfully left the television tuned in to the food and lifestyle channel for me and I accidentally hit something, pressed a few more buttons and suddenly arrived at Bio…so there I stayed! Steve is currently giving me lessons in anti-technophobia remote control lessons…there goes my ludite ways! Bollocks to remote controls and bollocks to stupid WordPress eliminating your contacts…please feel free to return to theroadtoserendipity any time you like girl, you are ALWAYS welcome and should you feel up to showing me how to make a dress (or use the remote…there is only so many times that Steve will show me before he breaks down and cry’s and who wants to see a grown man cry?)…

    1. Oh dear. But I feel your pain. I too can never remember passwords when I am using other pcs and end up locking myself out of programmes and bank accounts. The tv is the same at my mum and dad´s – they seem to have about 8 remote controls and if you don´t use them in the right order…well, the same as you! Am heading over to subscribe now 🙂

  8. Go figure.. I tried to change mine and it said waiting for “approval” and then it never happened. I guess now I’m glad, as I’d be in the same boat as you! Good luck with it all!

      1. ?? WordPress has gone crazy !! I did take the time to put all my subscriptions to a new email address at the time.. so all updates go through my hotmail account not my main wordpress and personal account. Maybe try that?? Good luck!

  9. Oh no – what a pain in the rear end. Could you not have contacted their support and see if they can restore your subscriptions?

  10. I hope you went to the bar, sat on the terrace and had a lovely drink or two after what happened to you. I haven’t visited you in a few days to comment and I don’t have an excuse. Catching up…you are so clever with your sewing by the way.

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