Can You See What I See?

Yes, it´s my mountain!

Home Again 9 Dic 12 (3)

We drove from England to Spain and arrived home late last night after a fairly slow journey through a cold, sleety and snowy France. Brrrr!

Home Again 9 Dic 12 (5)

We´re a bit “Up in the Air” (and it´s not just because we´re back Up Our Mountain). We don´t know where we´re going to be for Christmas.

Maybe Spain, or maybe back to the UK to finish off House Number 2 and possibly take on some more work or help my parents out with various jobs.

No matter. We´re here right now. The sun is shining, the garden and the veggie plot have been tidied and prepared for winter.

Home Again 9 Dic 12 (11)

The dogs are happy.

Home Again 9 Dic 12 (9)

The day started with good coffee, a walk around the garden snapping these quick shots and we´re off out for lunch! We are a happy Chica and Big Man. Well, we´re pretty much happy most of the time, but today we´re extra happy.

Home Again 9 Dic 12 (1)

More news as soon as we know ourselves what is happening, and time this week to catch up with some blogging, recipes and nesting back into our Mountain Home. Have a great Sunday everyone.


63 thoughts on “Can You See What I See?

    1. We got lucky with our tough, adaptable little pups! And we´ve already starting the feasting – oh no, the weight I have been losing could well all come back in a week 😉

  1. Welcome home Tanya! No matter how long you will be home or where you will be for Christmas – oh you are always welcome to come here, it is always nice to be home, even if just for a short while.
    Have a beautiful and happy week ahead.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    1. Ah thanks Mandy – you always say just the right thing! We are enjoying being back for the moment…and it´s 6pm and still light…in England it was pitch dark by 4pm 😦

  2. Arriving home after a holiday is one thing, returning home after weeks away is something totally different. No matter where or why I was away, I can only really feel relaxed in my own home — and it begins as soon as I hit the threshold.
    I’m glad you both made it safe and sound and I’m sure your Christmas will be merry no matter where you find yourselves.

    1. I so agree John. That sigh of relief as you turn the key in the lock. It´s a great feeling! And now we´re back and the fire is lit and am cozy, warm and happy with my Big Man and my pups. Sigh 🙂

  3. How wonderful to finally be home in the shadow of your beloved mountain. I think home looks like a lovely place to be for christmas. But you are such a busy girl who knows where you two will end up! have fun.. c

  4. I’m feeling pretty thrilled for you Tanya! Really lovely seeing those mountains and knowing that’s where you’re nestled, for the time being however long that be’s. I don’t need to tell you, savor every minute! (Again, can’t say exactly why, but really happy knowing you’re there.)

  5. What a lovely view up the mountain to which to wake in the morning and have a look at, some vino in hand, last thing at night! No wonder it calls . . .

    1. Roger, we´re a bit like two rabbits in the headlights today…the work has been so full on and today we don´t have to do anything (well, you know what I mean) that we´re both a bit stunned by being back! I love my view, even on a rainy day. The light here is amazing…wish I had your skills to capture it properly.

  6. I know that mountain was such a welcome sight! So glad you have some time at home…what a great feeling that must be, kind of like you can breathe normally for a while, I imagine! 🙂 Happy Holidays to you wherever you spend them.

  7. Welcome home! I wish I was there, it’s freezing today in London. Miles is not happy. Your dogs look thrilled to be home. Can’t wait to hear about your Christmas plans. Have a happy holiday.

    1. It´s great to be here and we´re enjoy the winter sunshine. I don´t blame Miles, mine didn´t even like to pop out into the garden for essential functions when it was raining!

  8. Welcome back Tanya!! It’s been funny with you over there. I like to know what you are growing and cooking “just over the mountain” ;D But those houses are keeping you busy, I bet you “don’t know if you are on foot or horseback” ;0 as my mother always says. It must be exciting though!! Felices Fiestas xx

    1. I love your mother´s expression! In fact, I was saying today to Big Man that i felt a bit “desplazada” – I don´t really know quite where I should be right now 😉

  9. Your dogs look so contented! I love your tiles by the way :). Theres NO place like home and your two little toto’s most certainly show this more than anything else that you could have shared with us 🙂

    1. Thanks for the lovely words. We´re so lucky with our pups, as long as they´re with us (they love company) they´re happy! The tiles are typically Granadino (i.e. from the province of Granada in Andalucía). Big Man was born in Granada province, so it´s our little nod to his heritage. I love them, they´re typical Moorish style (the Arab influence in Andalucía from way back).

  10. I bet it feels good to be home, even if you don’t know for how long. I love the fact that we’ve got minus-nasty temperatures here and that first pic you’ve posted, it looks almost warm. What sort of weather do you have there right now?

  11. Oh welcome home. Its 24 degrees here too though that’s kinda to be expected. But then what do you expect? The Mountain was missing you both and its coming to terms with having you home, for now! :o)

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