Save water…bath with a friend

Or, you could just install a very large shower. At least, that’s our plan.

Remember this quaint vile bathroom?

Scary, scary, scary...

This how it looks now.

17 Feb 2013 (3)

We’ve cut a hole in the wall up high as it’s an internal room with no natural light, so we’re putting in a long window panel which will give us light from the room next door which leads onto the garden. Clever eh?

It’s all getting very messy, but exciting. More to come soon…


55 thoughts on “Save water…bath with a friend

      1. Hm, I could use some exercise and sounds like a great way to get out some frustration. I fear Big Man would scoff at my puny attempts. However, I’m pretty sure I can eat just as much.

  1. You are super clever to put in the high window! You two are becoming quite the pros at all of this renovation business. I feel there may just be one more to come – you know, just for good measure. can’t wait to see the end result of this bathroom.
    Had to have a giggle at the tape over the toilet lid – do not use.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    1. And quite frankly you wouldn’t have wanted to use it…eek, a public health hazard! I think we’ll have to stop soon…I want to go home and see some sunshine and have a good long rest!

  2. Hi T, I can just see you with a sledge hammer and a tool belt. Laura Croft of the construction world. Hope you are both ok. Miss you lots.
    Florence x

  3. Or you could not bath at all? 😉 Love the idea of the windows using borrowed light, clever little vegemites you and the big man aren’t you? You are starting to really get good at this renovation stuff 🙂

      1. You can be our Little Vegemite ambassador for Bexhill ;). You are only smelly if everyone else has had a shower…otherwise they don’t notice! LOL! 😉

  4. I love the idea of the high window! Such a great idea when you’re looking for privacy as well as natural light. It will be quite the feature in that room I think! You clevah gull (& guy!) 🙂

      1. That sounds more neutral! If thy’d ahve painted it bright yellow I could ahve understood it…at least it would ahve brought some warmth and sunshine to the room…but lue? geeeeesh

  5. A room that small desperately needs a window! A lateral window situated above will be perfect, Tanya! And although a bath sounds nice, in that space a shower will work so much better. Can’t wait to see the next progress report.

    1. I do confess to enjoying a good soak in a hot bath but to be honest, it’s more of a treat than “functional”. We could have fitted both it but it’s such a funny space we decided to just the one thing, the shower, and do it well!

  6. I’m all in favour of a massive shower and no bath but the Management doesn’t agree.
    Hilarious tale of when my elderly MIL converted to a shower. She thought it was great but couldn’t understand why it only washed one side. In fairness she howled with laughter when we suggested she turned around. Bless.
    Can’t wait to see this bathroom turned into a wonderful place.

  7. It will make a great shower – I prefer a decent-sized shower to a cramped bathroom – it’s what we’ve chosen in our house and what we’re putting in the house we’re renovating. Bon courage!

    1. If we get to project number 10 that would be work, and dull for everyone by then so I’d find something more exciting to talk about! Mind you…I’m just doing a bit of chair seat recovering and wood polishing too 🙂

  8. Do you go into estate agents requesting all the vile bathrooms that no one else will touch? 😉 Seriously you’re doing amazingly well! I am a bit jealous I would love to get my hands on an old wreck and beautify it a bit. I am sure I would find it hard to let go afterwards,though. You must become attached.. Or are you just glad/deperate to get rid!! 🙂

    1. Something like that – once our estate agent understood what we were prepared to take on, she kept pointing us in the direction of the nightmare ones! I was rather attached to the first one as I loved the house but the second was totally “business”. This final (!) one is for us so am pouring my heart into it!

  9. A very large shower………mmmmmmmmm!! 😀 I saw a photo of one that sprays you from all sides, above, angled and left and right 😀
    Will you be leaving that blue colour in? I do like my lighter colours in the bathroom… Can’t wait to see what you guys get up to! 🙂
    I honesty LOVE these posts, and the work you guys get up to 🙂

  10. Yes indeed, the clerestory window is a stroke of genius and will makes worlds of difference in the finished room. You are going to love the new space all the more for having put so much labor and heart into it yourselves. Our own down-by-the-sea place is waiting for us for a couple of years before retirement makes it possible to visit, so I hope we’ll get good renters for it in the meantime; the bonus of waiting, of course, is that it gives me time to scheme about any renos and personalization we want to do, all the while watching friends like you give us inspiration! Cheers!

    1. Oh how exciting, you have a down-by-the-sea place too! I’m crossing everything too for you for good renters. And I learned a new word – clerestory – love it!

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