What I See From My Back Porch

Our lovely friend Miss C from The Kitchen’s Garden set us a challenge yesterday. She asked her Fellowship of the Farmy Friends to share their views from their back porches, or windows, or balconies.

Celia, you don’t know how good this has been for me. arriving back from the UK at the weekend and facing yet more DIY due to damp and winter damage, really dragged me down. It’s being dealt with right now, but for a moment I lost sight of what being back Up Our Mountain is all about. Blogging (and real life) Pal Claire from Promenade Plantings nudged me today to join in. Thank you ladies.

I stepped outside my back door just a few minutes ago, away from the mayhem in the house, and snapped. I didn’t set up the camera properly, I just snapped. And then I took the camera away from my eyes and really looked. And then I cried. Happy tears, not sad ones.


This is what it’s all about…now I remember how blessed we really are.