What I See From My Back Porch

Our lovely friend Miss C from The Kitchen’s Garden set us a challenge yesterday. She asked her Fellowship of the Farmy Friends to share their views from their back porches, or windows, or balconies.

Celia, you don’t know how good this has been for me. arriving back from the UK at the weekend and facing yet more DIY due to damp and winter damage, really dragged me down. It’s being dealt with right now, but for a moment I lost sight of what being back Up Our Mountain is all about. Blogging (and real life) Pal Claire from Promenade Plantings nudged me today to join in. Thank you ladies.

I stepped outside my back door just a few minutes ago, away from the mayhem in the house, and snapped. I didn’t set up the camera properly, I just snapped. And then I took the camera away from my eyes and really looked. And then I cried. Happy tears, not sad ones.


This is what it’s all about…now I remember how blessed we really are.


53 thoughts on “What I See From My Back Porch

  1. I can understand those feelings, sheer joy, relief and amazement at the wonder of where we are and what we see. A magical view and I can understand how happy you must be there. Chuffed I prompted you, I’m trying to put a post together as I type…….. such a different view!

    1. Thanks so much Claire – I read your message and just got up and did it. Made me feel so much better, I really did need a kick up the derriere today! Looking forward to seeing yours and remembering a lovely evening sitting on your back porch!

    1. You’re right, it’s a very special feeling indeed! I bet, even when you travel and have wonderful experiences, it’s still nice when you and TBH get back home 🙂

  2. That’s a view well worth shedding tears over. Glad you’ve got your smiley head back on and hope the repairs will soon be done. It must be really depleting when you’ve just put so much energy into the English project.

    1. I think we’d been psychologically shedding our “building” heads on the journey back, then to be faced with the prospect of more work was disheartening. But we picked ourselves up and got it all into perspective – looking around us helped!

  3. You lucky bollocks Tanya! I am too scared to go out by back door because Earl and Bezial go out there as well…they literally “go” out there! 😉 That plus the clothes line, the various piles of branches from a recent culling event and the fact that winter has come early might just terrify me out of EVER going out there again! 😉

    1. Hee hee, ours do it a little further back, so I’m safe! Our patio is not really that big, but then we open the gate and we’re into the “campo” running free with the goats…so they much prefer that 🙂 Stay warm, fire up Brunhilda and get nested in for the winter….

  4. Oh sugar: Celi does have this one, doesn’t she? It’s the most beautiful one of ‘your mountain’ I have yet seen and I am certain ALL the fellowship would be enthralled. I knew Miss C was onto a ‘good thing’ as soon as I read her post, but am so thrilled everyone seems to be taking part: can you imagine how much more just a ‘simple’ photo will bring us closer and more knowledgeable one about the other! Delightful!!

    1. It was such a simple but wonderful idea – she’d be the lady introducing all the people at a party and bringing them together! Loved your photo too…you’re right, it bring us all closer together and that’s a lovely thing.

    1. My view in the UK isn’t so spectacular, but it MY view and I love it! I don’t think we need mountains or sweeping landscapes to make us smile…but you know this Evie and I bet when the children are running around your garden it’s the most beautiful spot in the world 🙂

  5. Hi Tanya, I’m Sue we spoke for a few minutes on the phone at Sherry’s house in Bexhill,this is one of my views from the house. Be good to meet Love Sue xx

  6. You know, Tanya, I’ve always said to my hubby that there is something magical about these mountains that makes my heart sing. They have such power to lift my spirits.

    Sounds like they have that effect on more than just me 🙂

    Welcome home, Vecino 🙂

    Hugs x

    1. Muchisimas gracias – I’m not a super spiritual person or anything, but I agree, when I stand and look at those mountains, something special happens to make the world alright 🙂

  7. Wow what a view. I think you’ve posted a photo a bit like this before but it was a bit overcast on that day – it’s fantastic to see it in all its sunny glory! Have you ever scaled the craggy peak on the right-hand side of the picture there? 🙂 Must be a nice view from the top there!

    1. Yes, I often take snaps of “my” mountain”. You can’t get right to the top (well, I suppose you could if you tried hard enough) but you can get quite far up round to the left (especially if we go in the pick up truck!) and the views are lovely. Even on a short walk from our house round to the right, we can see the sea which is about 50km away.

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