Just Walking the Pups … and Knocking Down Walls

Well, I didn’t man to knock down a wall, I was actually stripping wallpaper off it. And a very tricky, sticky job it was too. Then a little crack appeared, so I tapped it and a little hole appeared. So I tapped it. And before I knew it, I really shouldn’t have bothered spending all that time carefull stripping the paper off, as the wall fell down. Well, strictly speaking it fell off, but either way…it’s another job for Big Man.


At least the pups weren’t bothered by the dust and noise, they just made themselves a little nest of warm sticky wallpaper and bedded down for a snooze.


Then it was time for a walk and a stunning sunset.


The waves blew the cobwebs (and house dust) away.


And there was even time to admire the architecture of The Colonnade, a beautiful listed building dating back to 1911.


Recipes are thin on the ground this week, we’re eating old favourites but when the dust settles, I’ll be back with the food. Now…where’s that corkscrew?!


62 thoughts on “Just Walking the Pups … and Knocking Down Walls

  1. Oops! Greta photo of the pups in the paper and mess! I remember our old cat sitting on a chair in the middle of a room where lime plaster was being mixed – messy, smelly, chocking stuff – but oh boy was he determined to come and stay and settle down!

    1. These are old lathe and plaster walls, so this one will be rendered and then plastered. Ne walls have plaster board though, which is cheaper and quicker! We’re mostly doing it the old fashioned way 🙂

  2. Ugh…old plaster. Had something similar happen at my first house up here in New England, only it was the ceiling over my daughter’s bed…and we weren’t thinking of remodeling at the time. What a mess!
    Your pups have the right attitude, though 🙂

  3. Oh, dear.. don’t lose that corkscrew, it’ll get you through some of the worst renovation moments! Very strange that everything pulled off like that, it must be an older house with different materials? Good luck with the repair!! xx ps.. I live vicariously through you.. no pups in our home for a while, I’m told..

    1. Sorry about the pups – but sometimes (I speak from experience) you need to wait a while 😦 The house is Victorian and the walls are lathe and plaster – it’s not doing too badly for a 120 year old house but some of it need a little help!

  4. Oh, Tanya. Reading of the “little crack” and seeing the wall reminded me of an old Tom Hanks movie, “The Money Pit”. He and his new wife buy an old house to renovate and, well, crumbling plaster was the least of their worries. Next time, fill the crack with toothpaste like so many do around here and move on! 🙂
    Your day sure ended nicely. May you have fewer cracks and more beautiful sunsets. 🙂

    1. Oh tell me about it – I always build in a slush fund for these projects, and we’re very much going to be slush puppies this time. Today part of the ceiling in the same room came down. We need to get into the loft to investigate, but at the moment the hatch to get into it is so small, only the pups would fit through and they’re not very good at telling us what’s going on up there 😉

  5. I’m a beer drinker myself and have an opener on my key chain. You never know when I’ll stumble upon an unopened beer. As for the wall, that’s really funny. at least you found out before anyone was seriously hurt. Poor big man. has he fired you from removing wall paper.

    1. So far I am still on wallpaper stripping. Even funnier was a big crash today and we both wandered into the very same room saying “what was that?”. It was part of the ceiling and we both just shrugged our shoulders and said “oh, it was a bit of ceiling” and returned to wallpaper stripping (me) and sorting out the electrics (Big Man). About 10 minutes later we both burst into semi hysterical laughter at our reactions! Good idea with the beer opener – will have to get one for Big Man!

      1. Oh the beer opener has saved us on many occasions and it’s help me make new friends. Part of the ceiling just fall down? Not sure I would handle that so calmly, but you two are experienced with home renovations.

  6. Ha! Hope you find the corkscrew as a simple dinner and a glass of wine is my absolute favorite way to go!! Looks likes those pups also know how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I so give you admiration for tackling home remodeling….just painting a room overwhelms me!!

    1. Some nights it’s bread, cheese, jamon and wine – other nights I switch off and relax by cooking….tonight it’s a leftover night as I’m sooooo tired! The pups look exhausted too as they must have run up and down the stairs 50 times at least 🙂

    1. Exactly – better to deal with dramas like this now rather than later. Although we did have the kitchen ceiling in the last place replastered 3 times – the first time it fell in, then Big Man put his leg through the bathroom floor into the ceiling, then the plumbers left a pipe open and it dripped all night onto the fresh plaster….ooops!

  7. Deepest sympathy, our house is like that too! You start one small job and before you know where you are you’re into another major renovation project. Keep that corkscrew handy …

  8. Hee-hee ;). I did the very same thing here. I was SUPPOSED to be carefully removing wall tiles from the bathroom wall and got a bit bolshie with the crowbar and ended up removing great big chunks out of the fibro wall. Steve came back and was completely shellshocked to find that he had to re-wall the entire bathroom! Oh well…you know what they say about “no use crying over spilt milk” ;). If Steve’s colourful interjections were anything to go by at the time it’s no WONDER you headed out for a walk ;). Glad the dogs aren’t suffering with renovation stress. Bezial goes into lockdown whenever we paint, move furniture or do anything that might mean “moving”. He runs on stress but Earl LOVES it. He still has a white painty stripe from when he tried to steal the paint brush from the bed that we recently painted and wears it as a badge of courage ;). So long as the food matches the wine there shouldn’t be any troubles with the meals. Wine + food (any kind…peanut butter sandwiches with Merlot are the bomb!) = happiness and a blur of happy hazy renovation :). Better than therupy any day.

    1. Well, part of the ceiling in the same room fell in today too. Lucky no one was in there! Alfi sported a white stripe for most of last year until her had his haircut – perhaps he and Earl belong to the same gang! Ours dogs are so laid back about all this it’s unbelievable…lucky us 🙂 And I agree…wine + food seem to solve most of our stresses 🙂

      1. Probably in a 2:1 ratio methinks…a bottle each stops all of those unnecessary arguments…lets be honest, EVERYTHING looks better with wine eyes 😉

      2. Actually, and to be technically correct…as there are 4 of you (I know that only 2 of you actually drink wine but lets not limit the dogs rights eh?), you should be consuming 4 bottles of wine…can’t be letting the side down now girl! 😉

      3. My mind is here to enthuse you and enlighten you. It can be very creative when it comes to justifying the mass consumption of deliciousness 😉

    1. We seem to be getting a lot of beautiful sunsets this month – it’s often the same in Spain at this time of year. Ye, it was a bit frustrating that I had spent so long stripping that horrible wallpaper off…and then all for nothing 😦

  9. I guess you must get pretty accustomed to surprises (both pleasant and not so) doing the kind of work on old houses that you two are. A person can sink a lot of money into some of those surprises (like I’m telling YOU something). Projects like yours intrigue me…but my man a little less so…I’ll just have to live the adventure through you av your nesting (obviously trusting and accustomed) pups. Continued best of luck to you all!

    1. Thanks Spree! Even though we anticipate and budget for unpleasant surprises, they still make me grumpy 😦 But then I find a wonderful door underneath a few layers of chipboard and I smile again!

  10. Oh yikes… as someone who just finished decorating (plastering and painting) a toilet and hallway in preparation for moving out, I feel your pain! Poor Big Man 😦

    1. Exactly – a corkscrew solves a lot! The pups are so good natured, yesterday they found their travel basket which we had tucked away as it’s quite large, and they spent the day “making the bed” in there 🙂

  11. You, madam, are a dangerous woman with a hammer! (grin) I think this once again proves rule one of home repair – “one thing leads to another”!! Yikes!

  12. You’ve been having refurbishing fun too? Yours looks so much nicer/easier than mine does at the moment. What a beautiful place! Even with the rubble and dust!

    1. Yes, it’s a pebble beach – we have very few sandy beaches on the south coast. None of the properties have been directly on the beach sadly, but our flat is about 90 seconds walk from the beach – we can see it when we come out of the front door and look left 🙂

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