Deep Fried Courgettes – Zucchini Fritti

Well, the title says it all, so if you don’t deep fry or don’t eat fried food, then this one is not for you…

(You could try Natalies beautiful Baked Courgettes instead and check out her fantastic blog which is packed full of amazing vegetarian recipes.)

But you can still enjoy this photo of some super fresh vegetables bought round for us from our lovely neighbours who picked our tomatoes while we were away. From the field to our plates in less than a couple of hours…how wonderful is that?!

Veggies (4)

When we are Down by the Sea, a local Italian restaurant does a side dish of deep fried courgettes. I used to order them and gorge on a portion myself, safe in the knowledge that Big Man was not a big fan of this gorgeous vegetable. Of course, the day finally came when he decided to give them a go and unfortunately for me, I now have to share. Must remember to stop saying “go on, try them, I think you’ll love them”. Sometimes you get what you asked for.

Zucchini Fritti (7)


  • One courgette cut into thick batons
  • A little milk
  • A few tablespoons of flour seasoned with a little salt and pepper
  • Oil for deep frying

Dip the courgette pieces first in the milk, then the seasoned flour and deep fry in very hot oil for a few minutes until lightly browned. Drain, sprinkle with coarse salt and serve. Alioli or garlic mayonnaise is great with them.

Zucchini Fritti (3)

Make double if you run the risk of having to share.


43 thoughts on “Deep Fried Courgettes – Zucchini Fritti

  1. I’ll take deep fried courgettes – yum!
    They remind me of Mona Lisa at the end of King’s Road – have you been there? They do a menu 😉

  2. Wow, these look absolutely munchable! (I know, not a word, but it seemed to fit). I can’t believe I’ve not tried these before.. well, I know I haven’t because I didn’t have a recipe, but now I do:D I can’t wait to snack on these, such simple ingredients.. all I need is a hefty courgette!

  3. Thanks, Tanya. I’m the only one in our household that eats courgettes, so it’s great to have a different way of preparing them. And I’m not going to offer them to ‘the man’. He’s turned me down so often in the past, he’s not going to get a chance with these.

    1. Yes, I’d keep them away from him because before you know it, he’ll be scoffing your portion! Seems like I might be meeting my long lost and distant cousin this week 🙂

  4. Perfect, Tanya! Mom would make these and we kids devoured them as soon as they were cool enough to handle. If she didn’t guard the, none would have made it to the dinner table. She never served them with a sauce, though, but I will from now on. 😉
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. They’re so good with just a little salt sprinkled on them that you can forego the sauce. An di know what you mean about devouring things out of the fryer just as soon as they are cool enough to handle….it’s all part of the fun!

  5. I’m not deep frying anything at home these days – small people and pots of hot oil, you understand – but my favorite Italian restaurant makes these, but as thin shoestrings. Hubby and I LOVE them! 🙂

  6. If you don’t want to eat these fried just bake them, apparently they are almost as delish but even though I am one of those freaks who doesn’t eat fried food I still want to lick the monitor in hedonistic delight whenever I see gorgeousness like this. I can resist just about every temptation out there but fried food has a siren song…that crispy crunchy delicious fatty aroma wafting on the breeze can have me standing with Earl next to a greasy spoon MUCH longer than is necessary. Even Earl (who loves to urinate on every single corner of a building) ends up looking up at me as if to say “err…we can move on now!” ;). Imagining the delicious wafts that were floating around your hedonistic kitchen as you made and then inhaled these 🙂

    1. So funny, poor Earl…you can’t hold him up when he’s on a peeing mission. Alfi is the same although if he finds discarded food wrappers on the floor (in the town clearly, not Up the Mountain) he also comes to an emergency stop so that he can sniff all the smell out of the paper!

  7. I’ve never tried zucchini like this before although I’ve seen it on some blogs I follow done like this. Maybe I’ll try half a batch fried and half baked and do a little comparison review of this new way of eating the veg!

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