I’m still here…keeping the Home Fires Burning

It’s been a while, I’m sorry. But I’m sure you understand. We’re trying to crack on with some work in our own little home before Christmas, and I thought you might like to see what we’ve done ready for Santa’s arrival.

A new fireplace! Well, it’s going to be our first Christmas here, so we felt he deserved to arrive in style.

Remember this monstrosity back in January 2013…the flat wasn’t even ours at this point.


Then we were gifted this gorgeous cast iron fireplace.


Sadly, the measurements didn’t quite work with our house and the chimney breast. But then, as if it was meant to be, we came across another one in an antique shop and Big Man got to work. He removed the old one, measured up …


Then the chimney was swept…


And now it’s ready!


Come on Santa, we’re ready for you.


53 thoughts on “I’m still here…keeping the Home Fires Burning

  1. I think your new one is the nicest 😉
    I couldn’t help thinking that the previous inhabitants had painted their fireplace and surround in Father Christmas colours!

    1. I’m convinced it was meant to be “living” in our house! I think the previous inhabitants were colour blond as we had purple, turquoise, orange and chocolate brown walls…eek 😦

  2. It looks lovely – and somebody has done an excellent polishing job!!!! Could you send this ‘miracle worker’ over to my house?? Have a wonderful Christmas and may the warmth in the new fireplace warm all your hearts, too. Carina 🙂

  3. Beautiful fireplace Tanya! We don’t have a ‘real’ fire any more so I can’t send Santa my wish list up the chimney like I did as a child (but I let the Management know if there is anything I really think Santa needs to be appraised of…)

  4. I am PURPLE with jealousy over that gorgeousness!!! Where do you guys come up with these wonderful things?!!! It’s at times like this that I feel decidedly twitchy about having to live in a country with only 200 years of colonised heritage where “stuff” abounds…but then I remember how I can go to the beach tomorrow…I can sit out on the deck with a glass of red and my feet up and the sunshine wafting its gorgeousness over me and you know what? I can pinch that lovely picture of your gorgeous new FANTASTIC fireplace and put it on my desktop. It might not be much, but it goes part of the way towards salving that jealousy ;). Have a great Christmas. You guys are the BOMB at renovating. If I was a rich bollocks living in the U.K. I would have the Andaluza crew doing my reno’s de rigeur :). By the way…remember not to light the fire on Christmas Eve…Santa might be a miracle man but I am not entirely sure he has fireproof pants…the more I look at them, the more they look like that parachute silk polyester stuff you get and have you SEEN how that stuff goes up when it lights?!!! A bare bummed Santa howling to the moon might be the stuff that Boxing Day editors dream of but might not be in your best interests come next Christmas and you are on Santas black list 😉

    1. Am howling with laughter at the image of a bare bummed Santa calling for an ambulance on Christmas Eve. If you were here or we were there we’d happily work on the renovation crew. The only provisos would be that we use as much recycled stuff as poss (no prob there methinks as we share the same mindset about that), and that we laughed, ate and drank together! Bexhill is a scrimpers heaven as there is a large ageing population and loads of charity, junk and antique shops (full of stuff from their house clearances when they depart this world). Apart from the white goods, the beds, the kitchen and bathroom (and even then the taps were second hand!) everything is second hand and we’re proud of it!

      1. I love that you guys use recycled, reloved stuff with stories attached. Forget about the savings for a moment, the fact that you stopped some of this gorgeousness from going to landfill is reason alone to not be (too) envious of you…gotta say though, I would KILL for that fireplace! 😉

  5. That is one elegant and stylish fireplace! You must be so pleased and it did get ready just in time for an open fire and some mulled wine in front of it! Hmm – just a wee worry: I do hope Santa has been on a healthy diet thru’ the year and lost some, hmm, girth 🙂 ? Do hope it will be a happy Yule for you and that weather will allow you to put your nose outside also to look for Rudolph!!!

  6. Beautifully done, Tanya. That fireplace is gorgeous! You’ve done a great job with the floor, too. I can almost see the flames reflected on it late Christmas night. How nice will that be.

    1. I can’t wait – and Big Man has been in Spain for 10 days so hasn’t seen it working yet. He gets back tomorrow so will see the flat decorated and ready for Christmas and the fire burning 🙂

  7. Did Bert sweep it? is that the guy’s name from Mary Poppins. Big Man is quite handy, isn’t he. Looks great. Don’t forget to put your stockings out! Happy holidays to you and your family.

  8. That is really one of the most stunning fireplaces and mantles that I have seen, Chica. And I’m so happy that you have your fireplace in time for Santa’s arrival…very important. 🙂

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