Beautiful Bordeaux

When we travel to and from the UK we stop pretty much half way just near Bordeaux. A hotel just off the motorway, a place to rest for the night after about 1200km from Malaga and the pups can stay with us too.


This time we decided to take a slow trip back and stop for two nights so that we could actually go into Bordeaux and enjoy some of the sights of this stunning city. The weather was amazing, we walked and walked, we enjoyed great food and it was a wonderful way to start to unwind after many months of hard work and a long drive from England.


Do hope you enjoy the photos, they were only taken on the little camera as I didn’t want to be loaded down, but I think they capture the atmosphere of this beautiful place.

Of course, there was ice cream and we all got to share!


48 thoughts on “Beautiful Bordeaux

  1. We have been all around France by car, but Bordeaux was only a stop and after this post, I think is worth a proper visit! Did you bring some good wine with you?
    By the way, your dogs are adorable!

      1. I haven’t been to France since the kids came home and I’m really, really missing it. Maybe next year. Button is keen to visit Paris. I have taught her well 😉 but I think Le Touquet would be a good start…the beach is wonderful.

      2. She is a sophisticated young lady! We drive past the turn off from Le Touquet each trip and it’s ages since I’ve been there…another stop off needed!

      3. Oh not sure which one you mean but there was a stunning one which I tried to take some snaps of – very old fashioned looking, all gilt and wood with piles of macaroons in the window – there were so many gorgeous places!

  2. I LOVE that city! The first time we visited, it was May…and HOT in the afternoon. The Water Mirror was full of families and children cooling off. I got the best photo of a little guy running full-steam, and stark-naked across it… 🙂
    There’s so much to see and do there…can’t wait to go back.

  3. Bordeaux looks like a really beautiful city. I’ve not been to that particular part of France, but it’s on the list now. Great looking food, ice cream and precious shots of your equally precious dogs. 🙂 Happy Weekend, Tanya!

    1. Thanks Sawsan, sometimes we do have to remind ourselves to slow down and just enjoy what is right under our noses instead of just focusing on the destination or the outcome….it was a lovely day in Bordeaux!

    1. It was a very beautiful city and there were quite a few sculptures dotted around. I was too busy enjoying myself to take that many photos 😦 wish I had taken more!

  4. Lovely relaxed photos. Methinks both the pups and you enjoyed the slower tempo! Know France pretty well but have never made it to Bordeaux either . . . being a wine lover, should really aim for one of those 5-6 day river cruises available!!

    1. Ooh now you’re talking…a river cruise! All the sights and lots of good food and wine 🙂 My parents did a Seine River Cruise a few years ago and loved it.

      1. There is one I have been eyeing ~ Begins outside Bordeaux on one side of the river and then meanders around special restaurants, vineyards etc for five days before going right into Bordeaux for a night still on board but a gourmet wander around town!! My kind of thing methinks!!

      2. The one my parents did was a gastonomic cruise with wines matched to the meals, sightseeing of places like Monet’s garden and the last night moored up within sight of the Eiffel Tower – I bet experiences like this would be incredible!

    1. France is pretty dog friendly, especially for little ones. The UK too – most pubs allow pups and if they serve food that simplifies things for us as we can eat there! When we were in Burgos (Spain is a little more tricky if the weather is cooler and you have to sit inside) we found a lovely restaurant and the owner was a dog lover. She let us sit in the bar area (the other side was very grand) and the pups sat under our table as good as gold while we had dinner!

  5. What a great place to stop, rest, and visit. How nice that you were able to spend more than a night there. I bet it made the trip home so much more enjoyable. I’m always in such a rush to get home when, really, a little delay is often the the best way to go. 🙂

    1. I think we need to make this little road trip on the way back to Spain a regular thing. It was lovely to take it a little slower and wonderful to see somewhere new. Heading to the UK we pretty much have to press on as we are loaded down with goodies which we can’t really leave sitting in the car and there is a time limit for the pups – they have to been seen by a vet a few days before crossing into the UK for quarantine laws. It was a lovely little mini break!

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