What I did on my holiday….

Do you remember those essays you had to write after the holidays at school? I used to love them and then you could draw pictures and stick things into your exercise book too. No exercise books anymore in my life, but the joy of sharing via the blog.  Here’s a quick tour of our recent time out with friends and family from Spain to celebrate Big Man’s and my Mum’s birthdays.

May Day in Hastings with (Not So) Traditional Morris Dancing

Toli's Birthday Week 016

Hastings Fisherman’s Huts

Toli's Birthday Week 031

They’re Changing Guard At Buckingham Palace….

Toli's Birthday Week 042

Time for a Reviving Beer

Toli's Birthday Week 048

View from The London Eye

Toli's Birthday Week 052

South Coast of England (East Sussex) Countryside and Beach – all in one!

Toli's Birthday Week 056

Climbing Mermaid Street in Historic Rye

Toli's Birthday Week 063

Classic Motorbikes

Toli's Birthday Week 105

You can’t have birthdays without cake (I know it looks like we were celebrating a 706th Birthday, but the shop only had one “0” so we had to adapt for a 70th and a 60th!)

Toli's Birthday Week 085

And we couldn’t not have a dodgy  “selfie” of Chica and Big Man on his special birthday at Windsor

Toli's Birthday Week 135

Exhausting but fun….hope you enjoyed the tour with us!



62 thoughts on “What I did on my holiday….

  1. Well, the weather was nice, the cake made complete sense, am reaching out for the beer, the Queen blessed the proceedings it seems and just love your happy photo! Thanks for having invited us over as well 🙂 !

    1. It is a bit of a worry isn’t it – but some of the groups that day all were a bit “Satanic” (in the nicest possible way!) with spooky faces and lots of drums being played…great fun!

  2. What a lovely time you must have all had, a birthday to remember. Nice to see you both looking so well. XXX

      1. You’ll be telling me you can have a canal boat holiday in Bexhill next 😉 xx

      1. It did also occur to me that it might be something brought back from the Crusades, which continued until the fifteenth century. There were a lot of European Christians living around the Eastern Mediterranean until the fall of Constantinople. It would be very interesting to know what kind of influence it had on northern Europe. Clerkenwell Priory was of the Monastic Order of the Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem – headquarters of the order in England. They had a huge presence in the Middle East…

      2. I love knowing more about history like this – didn’t realise there was (is?) a Clerkenwell Priory. There are still a few Priories in East Sussex (in fact I stayed at one owned by the Landmark Trust a few years back) and it’s so interesting to learn about the lives and traditions back then. I think a lot of the “medical” men came from Spain (but the Moors rather than the Spaniards) and specifically Granada area which was a great centre of medical learning. Going off the subject a bit from where we started with Morris Dancing but fascinating nonetheless!

      3. Sadly Henry VIII destroyed the priory but the gate remains. The area it covered was between Clerkenwell Road and Smithfield and Farringdon Road and St. John Street. There’s a free museum in the gate and the remains of the Church of St. John (bombed in WWII) on the opposite side of the square. Very handily round the corner from the St. John restaurant 😉


      4. It’s a good excuse to have a coffee and a doughnut in the St. John followed by a trip to the Catholic Church and the butcher 😉

    1. It’s funny seeing a place you know and love through someone else’s eyes! We have so many dodgy photos like that…only they weren’t trendy when we first started taking them…now we’re up there with the superstars and their “selfies” at the Oscars!

      1. Yeah B and I have loads too mostly from skiing with bright red noses and crash helmets…. not my best look! Waa thinking of you today when I was on the allotment. Have a fab weekend x

  3. I love the photo of you and Big Man – think it needs to see its way into a pretty frame.
    My Pete, mommy and daddy and I have also been on the London Eye. We all went over to the UK for my cousins wedding and stayed in the country for a week and then in London for a week and did all the touristy stuff. Was wonderful. Wonder if we will ever get the opportunity to go back again…
    Very clever work with the 7, the 6 and the 0. Wonderful happy birthday wishes to Big Man and your mom.
    Have a beautiful weekend Tanya.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    1. Ah thanks Mandy! Sounds like you had a good trip to the UK when you were here – and you never know, you may get back one day! Have a great weekend too Mandy J

  4. Oh I took the train to Hastings once, it was freezing and the middle of summer.. wonderful tour, great birthday shot with The Big Man! c

  5. Looks like you had a great time! Lovely places and B-day celebration, did you make that fab cake yourself? How nice to “meet” you! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Look at your two! What a gorgeous photo! Thanks for taking us on holidays with you – I studied every photo closely – the Morris Dancers, and the guards at Buckingham Palace, and that serious incline at Rye, but I think my favourite photo was the one of the fishermen’s huts, and the views of the rocky hills? cliffs? in the background. They reminded me of every English childhood adventure novel I’d ever read.. 🙂

  7. It sounds like a good time was had by all. I’m sure your mother and Big Man enjoyed their birthdays…I love their cake.

  8. Where do I start! Firstly, you just made Stevie-boys day. NO-ONE in Australia gives a rats about May Day and he was so sad about no-one updating their FB status with a Maypole dance that I checked Youtube and found one (albeit at Glastonbury with sufficiently furry hippies paganising it out the wazoo 😉 ) and curiously I also found a contestant for Croatia’s got talent (did you know that they have “Croatia’s got talent?” well they do!) for the world’s sexiest and best pole dancer listed under my query…I sent that one STRAIGHT to my (single) brother…no need to bother Stevie-boy with that vinyl clad minx! 😉

    LERVE those fishermens huts…they must breed them TALL and thin in Hasting’s is all I can say and they obviously don’t like to move around much once they get indoors… just sayin’…

    It is ALWAYS time for a reviving beer. Stevie-boy and I are reveling in finding a good home grown (and most delicious) beer from Western Australia over here…nothing like a taste of the old country to make you a happy chap (or chapesse in my case…) Love the colour variation in your image. Looks like a good selection of brew was had by all and most Peoples tastes would be represented in that lot…

    The London Eye is too high up for me…I fear I would pee myself if I got up that high. Look at that teeny tiny boat down there…I think I need the loo…

    I love that countryside and beach-side all in one. Lubbly jubbly 🙂

    I also love that I learned that “Rye” is more than a cereal today. So does that mean that Rye has 7 seas like Mr Brian May told me? Mermaid Street would have me believe that I might be onto something there…

    706 is a wonderful age and so far has only been attained by Mr Methuselah and Mr Christopher Lee (who is actually an energy vampire and saps energy from anyone who goes near him…). Glad to see that you have 2 new members into the 706 year old club and all in the same family! What good genes! 😉

    What a gorgeous couple you make…you do, indeed, look like Ms. Quentin and The Big Man is a most handsome specimen indeed. SO glad that you both had a ball for the duel celebration 🙂

    1. Am laughing so hard at this – brilliant! So…the May Day was a bizarre mix of traditional Morris Dancing (bells, hankies and sticks) and then some really funky steam punk type folk with drums. Am trying to persuade Big Man to buy me a drum but so far he’s not convinced 😉

      All countries have talent…am just not convinced that pole dancing clad in pvc comes under the category of talent – each to his own though!

      Those fisherman’s huts have a (tall) tale. The beach where they bring in the fish is shallow (no harbour) so they have to bring the boats right up onto the pebbles. They hang the nets inside the huts to dry and then I think they all pop across the road to the various pubs drink away the drying time! Well noted J

      I’ve managed to convince everyone to go on the London Eye (even myself a true vertigo sufferer). Alas no loos in each (very transparent) capsule but we did sneak on a hip flask of whisky so if you ever visit I’ll just pour whisky down your throat and drag you on!

      Rye just has the 1 sea (and harbour) but many pubs and tea rooms to make up for the disappointing lack of seas and curly haired rock guitarists. We are a very long lived family, so when I get to 706 we can recycle the candles. Actually, when I get to 607 then can also have an outing J

      And thanks for your kind words about our “Hola” magazine style selfie….I think Ms Quentin models herself on me 😉

      1. I think you are right about that minx Ms. Quentin! She needs taking down a peg or two for stealing your image… tantamount to identity theft methinks! Whisky is my friend…”Rye” whisky is my friend as well. Why not combine the two (make that 3, I could listen to “The 7 Seas of Rye” while I was peeing down my trouser leg) and at least when I peed myself I would care less! ;). I like the cut of your 607th birthday candle outing. Count me in. If you make it to 607 and I make it to (can’t count that much as I only have 20 digits) I will be there will bells on! 🙂

      2. Might be wise to start now…don’t forget you will get 6 letters from the queen (you can sell them on ebay! 😉 )

      3. Or from the queen…I hear she has great lineage of her own 😉 Poor old Prince Charles…always a bridesmaid, never a bride 😉

      4. I doubt it…Poor old Prince Charles will be a royalty fatality…the flip side to good genes 😦

  9. Wonderful times, Tanya 🙂 I vaguely remember that hill from Rye, long ago.
    You did get about! And what a magnificent cake 🙂 Followed by Florentines, I see! A weakness of mine 🙂

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