Back Up the Mountain


Short and sweet. We’re here and it feels like heaven! Sundowners yesterday evening after a 2300 km drive. It felt like we’d really earned them…



40 thoughts on “Back Up the Mountain

  1. Indeed you have guys 🙂 Looks like nature has been looking after The Mountain while you are away with that lovely green grass (perfect for the big man to mow 😉 ). Have a blast, you both deserve it 🙂

    1. Apparently it’s been a funny summer – beautiful in June and July (normally July is the hottest month but it was relatively mild) then scorching in August but the mists and colder days – so everything is not as dry and yellow as it usually is at this time of year. It looks lovely J

      1. 🙂 I have my fingers, my toes, and everything else that can be crossed, crossed that this year isn’t going to be too long and dry. Seems hardly fair that you northerners got an extended winter but we got a shorter, milder one to compensate does it?! 😉

      2. Just watched a Top Gear special about Spain where the eejit trio drove hot sports cars through rural Spain and were showing these entire towns of luxury town houses and high rises that were completely empty…even an entire airport! It looks like we didn’t hear the whole truth about the Global financial crisis by a long shot. They were spouting off numbers like 52% youth unemployment that had my head reeling! Is it really like that over there?! Hopefully Spain is recovering by now and apparently it’s even worse in Greece. I can see why you guys headed over to create your own business in the U.K. now. I thought that you were a bit soft in the head to leave gorgeous Spain but now I see that it was just massively good business sense. Clever peeps 🙂 I reckon that possum is unable to get in to Sanctuary, I just got some pepino cuttings (sort of like a cucumber crossed with a honeydew melon in taste) in the mail, another friend is sending some more fruit seed and I am picking up some yellow raspberry canes tomorrow and maybe a passionfruit vine. Aussie houses just aren’t homes without a passionfruit vine draped over something ;). Hope you are enjoying your time back on that beautiful mountain 🙂

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