Another House Renovation Finished – Breathe In, Breathe Out…

Oh it’s been a long, long road with this one. But like the very first project we undertook together, we love this house. Little secrets emerged from behind layers of wardrobes, original flooring came back to life and today our lovely new tenants moved in.

For those of you who are interested, I’ll let the photos tell the story of a little 2 bedroomed (it was 3 bed when it was originally built but with only an outside loo and no indoor bathroom) Victorian mid terraced house.

Feb 2014 (19)41 Red Rd Completed 22 Nov 2014 (23)

The previous owners had lived there for 60 years, the lady (her daughter) who sold it to us told us that her parents had originally rented it then managed to buy it with a mortgage. She (the daughter) was born and bought up there, her mother lived out her final years as a widow in  the house and the daughter’s son and his children all had strong memories of spending time with their grandparents (and great grandparents) there.

Feb 2014 (30)41 Red Rd Completed 22 Nov 2014 (30)

Yesterday the previous family came to look over the house before the tenants moved in. I was anxious. We bring properties up to a modern standard (putting in central heating, efficient plumbing and decent kitchens and bathrooms).

Feb 2014 (10)41 Red Rd Completed 22 Nov 2014 (11)

We try to revive old floorboards if we can and replace them if we can’t. We paint our houses white so that whoever buys or rents them can make them their own. But they look very different from when we start and I was worried it might upset the previous family.

Feb 2014 (16)41 Red Rd Completed 22 Nov 2014 (1)

Fortunately there were tears of joy and smiles of relief as they saw fireplaces uncovered and restored that they had previosuly forgotten existed. Admiration for the floors and chuckles at the improved outside loo.

Feb 2014 (5)41 Red Rd Completed 22 Nov 2014 (15)

Time now to rest and focus on ourselves. Time for good food, and sleep and long walks on the beach.



65 thoughts on “Another House Renovation Finished – Breathe In, Breathe Out…

      1. We’re tied to England for the next few months and maybe when Big Man is on the mend we’ll tackle our own new (Victorian) house in Bexhill which is crying out for a total refurb 🙂 Hope all is well with you?

      2. Wow – I bet you’ll do a similarly excellent job on that!
        I’m fine thanks, do let me know if you are coming to London in December 🙂

      3. Sloe gin made with damsons – it’s almost the same thing. You’ll need to have a bottle so that Big Man can compare it to Patxaran – obviously it won’t taste of Anis, but the sloe/damson flavour is common to both drinks 🙂

  1. Well done, you two. You deserve a well-earned rest, with wonderful food and wine, and the time to breathe all that lovely fresh air. 🙂

  2. I love how you let the houses speak to you. So often the characterful bits are ripped out in the name of modernisation. Another beautiful job. Enjoy the rest…it’s very well earned!

  3. You must be so satisfied with what you have achieved . . . I just do hope you will take some time for a proper breather now . . . 🙂 !

  4. Beautiful job! How satisfying. Perhaps I told you a few years ago, I had an aunt, uncle and cousins in Sevilla and more in Mairena. We lost both aunts last November and January respectively. They both showed me the “maravilla que es Sevilla.”

    1. I am pretending that if I don’t think about it, it will take longer to come round. Actually, we’re planning a very quiet one this year, just the two of us, and I am looking forward to that!

  5. OMG! What a great job you’ve done with this house!!! I love the fact that you manage to completely modernised it keeping, rescuing and bringing back to life its original spirit. I know now who I should contact if someday my dream of buying an old house comes true. Lovely! 🙂

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