A return to the simple life

Although our time in Spain will be limited to about a month (a long “holiday” some might think, but for us it’s a case of changing one home for another for a short while) we need to make the most of our time here. Sorting out a house and garden that have been looked after but not lived in for many months. Catching up with family and friends. Running around and sorting out paperwork and the dealing with the “officialdom” that invariably comes with it.

Mayo 2015 010

The plan had been to eat out frequently – a menú del día (a daily set menu in many restaurants) is not expensive in Spain – and not to spend hours in the kitchen. So far, I haven’t spent too many hours in the kitchen, but the lure of fresh, local ingredients which are quick and easy to prepare has been irresistible. Add to that the fact that we can also cook outside and it’s mostly quicker to just get cooking while multitasking with the gardening.

We’ve eaten chicken (reared by a pal who gifted us two hefty chicken thighs and drumsticks) cooked in one of our cazuelas with peppers, onions, garlic, olive oil and wine.

Pollo a la Cazuela (1)

And rabbit, marinated in a paste made of thyme and rosemary from the garden with our own olive oil and lemon and a neighbour’s garlic then cooked on the barbecue.

Conejo a la Barbacoa (1)

The weather may have gone from 40 degrees to grey and miserable, but with full bellies and a glass of wine, who can complain?!


59 thoughts on “A return to the simple life

  1. I really miss the menu del dia, but I’d probably be keen to fire up the barbecue and cook the fresh local ingredients too. I bet you’ve got some cooking instruments that you’ve missed in England and your outstanding olive oil 😉

      1. Wow – that sounds really cool. I keep meaning to bring one back, but flying with hand luggage only, complicates things. Could you bring me one that’s about 32 cm across, or something like that? Thanks so much 🙂

      1. Delish – sounds very much like something we make in the UK called Welsh rarebit (strange name, I know!) which is then spread on bread and toasted until bubbly and golden 🙂

  2. Aah yes, nothing like a full belly and glass of wine for comforting our souls even on the hot days.
    So glad you enjoying your stay back home Tanya.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. Sounds like Spain has gone out in sympathy with its sister “city” Sidmouth for the duration Ms Chica. At least the food is buoying us on both sides of the Atlantic (or whatever oceans are in between us at the present moment. Geography was never my strong point…)

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  5. Life mostly is day -by-day or should be – so the daily menu in situ and the glass or three of wine whilst getting the necessary and that not quite so done seems a most practical approach 🙂 ! Have fun in between and betwixt!!

    1. Thrills/spills to see the Hemphill logo on your community board . . . hello – we Aussies are here!! Now what is going to happen on the absolutely ‘strange happening’ of ‘Australians’ being part of ‘Eurovision’ over the next weekend I quite fail to comprehend – just know I am madly ‘voting’ for both the absolutely wonderful Guy Sebastian and the just as great Estonian team . . .go . . go . ;. go!!!

      1. Oh Eurovision: bonkers, yes. but awfully political at the same time!! Do think it bonkers we shall be in it within hours with Down Under and my birth country of Estonia [which has won before!] amongst the top-four candidates!! Guy S stupendous but simply does not belong!! Please, please, please DO vote for the Estonian combo of Elinor Borg and Stig Rasta: dark duo beautifully presented, rhythmic and ‘meaningful’ [see YouTube!] . . . . thank you!!!!

      1. Trowel in one hand chicken leg in the other. Would need a third hand to uold a glass either that or one of those hats with a straw attached.
        Aa you xan see I’m on fine form my friend

  6. Oh my goodness. Chicken reared by a friend and rabbit….sigh. Country living and wonderful vacations. Make the most of it and enjoy! Nothing wrong with eating out every single day in Spain too. What wonderful choices, great food or great food!

  7. I really liked the chicken based dishes, tastes it loh maknyooooos, chicken meat does not contain kolestrol except peel.

  8. I personally prefer the grilled chicken recipe. As meat is the same, prefer the burned.

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