Sunshine, Flowers and Beans

The English summer is unpredictable. Some beautiful days with perfect heat and a gentle seaside breeze. Then days of rain, wind and the thought that maybe, just maybe, we need to turn the central heating on.



Then we hear from family in Spain that it’s in the forties and it’s too hot to even think, so we feel blessed and happy to be Down by the Sea with our English weather.



Our runner beans are loving days of sun followed by heavy rain. Another positive for us and we’re enjoying the fruits (and flowers) of our little garden. I do miss our vegetable garden though…oh those tomatoes!


Dinner the other night was a simple salmon en croute.  Roasted vegetables were cooled then placed on top of a tail fillet, wrapped in puff pastry, brushed with beaten egg and roasted for about 25 minutes.  Perfect with those beautiful beans.



Happy summer to my northern hemisphere friends and happy winter to those in the south!


29 thoughts on “Sunshine, Flowers and Beans

  1. Sunshine and showers, lol. Could do with a bit more sun up here in the cold north. beans looked absolutely delicious. Try then spicy and fried, Mmmmmmmmmmmm. XXX

  2. Your pears, beans and flowers look fantastic – great salmon too! Martin the Perry Court farmer has great tomatoes if you see him at the market. They look ordinary, but he grows them in dirt (as opposed to compost) and they taste amazing.
    Apparently we have another heat wave coming…

  3. Nice way to do the salmon en croute, Tanya. 🙂 🙂 Everything looks so fresh in the garden. Not just heat in Europe but awful floods too. I think we’re really lucky.

  4. I love the new site and Mum always loved a bit of salmon. I really must take more pictures of the flowers in my garden, yours look lovely. On a lighter note – we have a yellow weather warning for floods, so plenty more rain for the beans!! Much love as always, Lynn x x

    1. Thank you Lynn! I used not to eat salmon as it never really tasted of anything but now I have two lovely fishmongers within walking distance, I really enjoy it. Love to you too xx

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