Lunar Eclipse

Last night over much of Europe (not sure if it was visible elsewhere) there was a spectacular Lunar Eclipse. It was a clear starry night and we sat in the garden, listened to the crickets and frogs (and the occasional donkey), inhaled the scent of honeysuckle and watched the magical show.

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When it went dark, it gave me goosebumps.  I was thinking about how people must have felt centuries ago when they didn’t understand these things.  Imagine their fear when the night was plunged into darkness and their relief when the moon reappeared!  Is this a good time for planting?  I´m sure it must be…

The photos are not anywhere near as spectacular as what we saw, but hope you enjoy!


23 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse

  1. This is awesome!!!! Not sure where you are, but we saw it here in New Hampshire, in the US. The last time it occurred, I believe was in October 2004.
    Thanks for the pix….and you are right, much more jaw dropping to watch in person.

    1. We´re in Andalucía, Southern Span – it was beautiful wasn´t it?! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to make such a lovely comment. Do come back again soon!

  2. It was quite cloudy here and after a while, Pete and I tootled off to bed only to find out this morning from a friend that it cleared up beautifully. 😦 So pleased you were able to enjoy it.
    🙂 Mandy

  3. We could see it, but not very clearly as there was thin cloud in the way… not to mention the lights from about 200 wind turbines spoiling our night sky!

  4. That’s wonderful! I’m so glad you caught it. Our village is surrounded by hills and the moon was to low at that time, so I missed it. Great to see your sequence of shots.

    1. We´re extra lucky because the position of the moon at that time of night was in a direct line of sight with our garden! Such a shame you didn´t get to see it….when´t the next one?!

  5. It was amazing! wasnt it!
    I loved every minute of it and have a few pictures to share my self..
    I’m sure it was magical in your garden..I was telling my daughter that in ancient times they thought a dragon ate the moon..and she asked..are you sure it didn’t..(that was AFTER I explained the science of it) it seems kids like the fantasy version better

    1. I think I prefer the dragon story too – much simpler than the science 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your pictures – not sure where in the world you were watching it from? And yes, completely amazing, I love things like that. The world and its wonders at their best.

  6. I can’t believe l missed this! Must have been the fact we had ‘one of those days’ and hadn’t stopped. Our son is with us for a few days too, beer more beer, red wine, et etc! Great pics.

  7. Oh, you were lucky to see it so clearly! Here it was cloudy and I missed the best part, when the moon was orange. It only cleared up later. At least I saw some of it!

  8. Thank you for sharing, I too have wondered the same thing of people in the past, those that had little to no understanding about such things….RaeDi

    1. And this makes me even more respectful of the people who first worked it all out…just by reading the stars etc. No computers, no internet, no technology….amazing!

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