Chickie Update

One day old....aaaaaah!

Ok, so I could be posting about the delicious ribs in barbecue sauce I cooked today, inspired by Greg´s recipe over at  Rufus´Food and Spirits Guide, but more of that another day. They were superb though!

Have been down amongst the chickens and olives again and little brown (well, she´s more honey coloured) hen was quite happy for me to have a little cuddle with our new chickie whilst she had a well earned snack.

S/he (I´m not quite sure) is grey (like his/her daddy, the big grey cockerel) and honey coloured, totally gorgeous.  I read that Japan is the most advanced country in the world for training “Chicken Sexers”.  My, that would be a career!  It seems you have to look at the one day old chicks´ nether regions (and it has to be a pretty good look). If you see a little “button” it´s a cockerel, if not it´s a hen.  Did try this once, but as I´m the kind of woman who often misses motorway junctions and road signs, it wasn´t something I excelled at…

Chicken number two, who is an agressive little thing, has her first chick hatching out as we speak.  She still has another three eggs, so hopefuly between now and tomorrow, there will be more.

Sitting and waiting.....

Ok, enough chicken speak, but you can all go “aaaaah” now!