Gorgeous Green Gazpacho

Green. Gorgeous. Good.

Who says Gazpacho has to be red?  Well, if you promise not to tell the Andalucían gazpacho Police…I say it doesn´t!

In the vegetable garden at the moment, our cup overfloweth. Some things just can´t be canned or frozen – like cucumbers.  And those little green thin skinned Spanish peppers are best eaten fresh in salad, stuffed or fried.

I wanted to find a new way of using up some of my “greenery” and came up with this version of gazpacho.  It´s a stunning colour, tastes rather like juiced vegetables and I´m sure must be amazingly good for you and packed with vitamins.  Probably an excellent pick me up for the morning after the night before too.  We just drank it chilled as a pre lunch appetizer.

Here´s what I used, but if you do decide to give it a go I´m thinking celery, avocado and lime juice might also be great additions.

Two thin green peppers, one small cucumber (peeled), a small clove of garlic, a small bunch of parsley, 4 large leaves of raw chard (or spinach).

In a blender mix the vegetables with about 3 tablespoons of olive oil, white wine vinegar and salt (to taste) and a litre of ice cold water.

Blend until smooth, add a few ice cubes and chill until needed.  Looking as gorgeous as it does, it just has to be good for you!


61 thoughts on “Gorgeous Green Gazpacho

  1. Oh, this does look good! Wonderful colour and it must be very healthy too. I make ‘green gazpacho’ with cucumber and sweet onion, but I hadn’t thought of using chard in it. Thanks for the idea – we have too much chard at the moment!

  2. I suppose it could be called a ‘smoothie’? Looks great and, like you say, can only be good for you, unlike my sausage and mash l had the other night! Couldn’t resist. Hot and sunny here. Must be hot as hell there? Have a great weekend.

  3. Such a vibrant color. It would be a lovely way to start a meal. I have Italian frying peppers growing in the garden and will give this a try.

  4. Don’t worry I won’t tell the gazpacho police, they’ve only just come round to the fact that rocket isn’t horse food where we are, so this would completely throw them! It looks like one of those those juices with extra wheatgrass so it must be good for you, have a great weekend, I’m just about to make the yoghurt/cheese with goat’s milk, finally!!

    1. And you could try to make “proper” ricotta with the whey – found a good wiki link on how to do this but don´t currently have any fresh whey 😦 And as for the rocket…you´re clearly years ahead of us down on the coast!

  5. Your food looks delicious, very interesting, and very healthy! I’m subscribing to the blog! 🙂

  6. Wow! It’s a celebration of Summer in a glass. And, with those ingredients, if it isn’t good for you there is something wrong with the World. Great idea and recipe!

    1. Ooh…am feeling all “la di da” (if you know what that means. Will have to go and put on my chef´s hat. And yes…I do have one…a little black and white checked job!!

  7. Hi Chica. What a great idea. Gorgeous colour. Bet is tastes delicious.
    Regards Florence x

  8. This is the “4 G” recipe!!! Great, Gorgeous, Green Gazpacho!!! What an incredible, creative, and delicious idea this recipe is!!! Cucumbers and parsley must add a unique freshness to this dish!!
    Brava! You always come up with great and helpful ideas!!!

  9. Oh I love the vibrant green of this Summer gazpacho, a great energy booster and I know it would taste refeshing,you said you peeled the cucumber,a suggestion maybe even deseed the cucumber for an even smoother texture! What do you think?

    1. Good point – although genetally I don´t mind a little “texture”. We have grown two vaireties of cucumber and one seems to have more seeds than the other, so will have to de seed the worst one!

  10. Hi there, Your blog makes me hungry! I’ll have to try some of your recipes! And I’ll have to try this green gazpacho, after a long summer of work stress, I’m all for an energy boost 🙂

    1. Thank you – it was a set of 4 from a friend for my 40th…and a few years on and after being transported from the UK to Spain I´ve still got them all. Now that´s jinxed them hasn´t it?!

  11. I’d never tell the gazpacho police because I totally agree with you! Green has become the rage with all the healthy green drinks, so why not green gazpacho! This is a great twist on the classic and just looks so garden fresh!

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