Sewing Saturday – Green Circle Skirt

Did you see how I cleverly put the word “Sewing” into the title so that anyone expecting a recipe would be warned and steer clear if they were not interested?!

If you´re still with me though, thank you!

I recently found a beautiful skirt in the charity shop for a couple of euros.  It had a tiny waist (which would probably have fitted over one of my thighs) but was quite long.  I loved the fabric and bought it thinking I could make a bag out of it.  Once I had washed it and taken it apart, I saw that in just one half of the skirt there was enough fabric to make a half circle skirt for me.

Fabulous Fabric

I cut it from the top to the length I wanted then made a simple black cotton waistband which I fitted a piece of elastic into after I had re sewn the side together.

Stretchy waistband to allow for large lunches

And that was it – a quick re fashion into a beautiful skirt which I think Alfi has a longing to wear!

Dog Friendly Fashion

For more fantastic “Refashions”, do take a look at my blogging pal Jillian´s fantastic site here.


54 thoughts on “Sewing Saturday – Green Circle Skirt

  1. Hi Chica. This turned out brilliantly. That fabric is gorgeous. You always have an eye for a bargain!
    Regards Florence x

  2. I’ll eat my greens any way: baked, fried, boiled, sautéed, and even stewed. What’s that? It’s green fabric? It isn’t stewed but it is sewed? Um … never mind.

  3. I’m much better (and safer) with a hammer than with a sewing needle, but good on ya! I admire folks who can do this kind of stuff. I’ll stick to the kitchen I think!

  4. I love your sewing blogs as much as your recipes!! How clever of you and so creative to purchase a skirt to redo!! I have to tell my daughter about this, she loves to find bargains and put them to new use.

  5. Sigh….I’m colour matching your skirt with envy over your wonderful find and beautiful transformation.

  6. Beautiful skirt!! I would love, love, love to learn how to sew properly, without having my outfits look like my closet exploded! Shame on me, because I always depended on my dad and sister to sew my things. ¡Eres muy apañada!

    1. ¡Gracias Michi! How great that your dad and sister could sew. However, I do have to confess to a few totally hideous outfits that will never see the light of day…I call them “learning from experience”!

  7. Tanya, just dropping in to say Hi! and to check that you are OK! You have been on my mind these last two days. You can email me if you like! c

  8. Tanya, just dropping in to say Hi! and to check that you are OK! You have been on my mind these last two days. You can email me if you like! this is a personal hullo not bloggie one.. celi

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