Another Holiday?!

Sunset over Marbella

Some of you may have noticed how quiet I´ve been for the last week.  Very unusual for me, and I can be quite loud and noisy “in the flesh” too!  We´ve been on another little break, all very last minute and enormous fun.

The village often organises trips through the Government of Andalucia for the older folk, or some of the Associations (or clubs) and one had been offered to our fellow villagers to stay in a holiday complex near Marbella on the Costa del Sol (also known as the Costa Del Golf or the Costa Del Crime because of some of the dodgy characters who make their life there in luxury penthouse pads!).

Marbella Old Town

There were extra spaces, so Big Man and I were invited to join in, and we´re so glad we did. We were probably amongst the youngest in the group, but my goodness – have these Spanish retired folk got energy!  Dancing, walking, sports, swimming, golf, marathon card sessions and going to the beach were all part of a “relaxing” day for this group.

We had a ball, and got back today happy, relaxed, and having swum daily in the Mediterranean.  There was, unfortunately, no internet, so “normal blogging service” will be resumed soon, with possibly another break as I head off to London next Wednesday to see my family for 8 days.

Ok, am off to catch my breath, unpack and get ready to repack.  In the meantime, enjoy the view from our terrace every evening and a few of the places we went to visit while I catch up with all your lovely posts.


34 thoughts on “Another Holiday?!

  1. Just as well. I was about to call Florence and ask whether you were stuck in a tree or something!! Another trip. Oh you lucky girl! How wonderful. I love that you live it up with such style.. Did you wear the skirt?..c

  2. I thought you’d gone a bit quiet, welcome back! I went to a wedding in Ronda last year it was a beautiful day overlooking the tajo and watching the sun go down while drinking too much cava. Lucky you getting in on the freebie trips, the lady who washes up at the restaurant went to Galicia last year on one of those, so jealous!!

    1. I love Ronda so much – I never turn down the chance of a visit! I quite like being “retired” even though I´m nearly twenty years away from the official age!

    1. Thank you so much – it´s lovely to be back though. Looking forward to London but I´m going to miss my Big Man, the dogs, chickens and blogging for a week 😦

  3. I wondered where you were…and it looks and sounds as though you’ve had a great time! Nice to see the shot of the old town in Marbella because I always associate it with high rise hotels, never having been there.

    1. I sneaked off in the night! I had previously been to Puerto Banus which I didn´t really like. Marbella is huge and has lots of very modern and horrible areas, but there are still a few quiet beaches (ours was about 5km away in distance and a million miles away in terms of beauty, peace and tranquility). The old town is pretty too, and well looked after.

  4. I missed your blog, but I’m in Barcelona and trying hard to eat and drink the Catalans out of house and home 😉

    I must start posting some pictures myself!

  5. How lucky are you to be able to take this spur of the moment getaways! And we’re not talking your average getaway! Gorgeous photo of the blossoms. Welcome back!

    1. We have been exceptionally lucky this year, especially in the last few months! It was all rather fun and exciting. More so for not having been planned. Glad you liked the photos and it´s great to be home for a few days before I go to see my family.

  6. I was telling a friend only last week how lovely Marbella is at this time of the year. I’ve sent her the link to your blog so she can see for herself. Glad you had such a lovely time.

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