Just a Perfect Day….

So, Sunday 1st July, and it´s been a pretty Perfect Day here Up the Mountain.

(I´m just enjoying the song for the music, not looking into the deeper meaning here)!

We packed up the car with dogs, chairs and a picnic and headed down to a shady picnic area near a local lake. Of course, there was Jamon y Queso (ham and cheese).

No Spanish picnic would be complete without tortilla, and we also had some fried, salted peppers (although they were sweet today, not spicy).

And plenty of gazpacho to cool us down.

Then after chilling out, we headed off to watch the football….a glass of tinto de verano got us in the mood.

And … well…I went for the red shirt in the end. I figured, Spain is home, and home is where the heart is….Sorry Papá 4-0 to Spain against Italy!

It was a Perfect Day.

PS. Off again to the UK for a few days on Tuesday, so I´ll catch up with you all when I get back on Sunday.


65 thoughts on “Just a Perfect Day….

  1. Now what a perfect song to accompany.. wouldn’t it be cool if we could just have music playing in the background when opening up your post:) “Sangria in the park”.. I’ll have one of your tinto de verano I think:) Go Spain!!

    1. Es, a feature to have music playing as your post opens would be fantastic! The tinto de vernao is good as you get to enjoy a little win, but with the heat it´s diluted and refreshing!

    1. It was indeed…and a fun night! Actually, speaking afterwards to a fellow Brit what we said we enjoyed most in the village was the way everyone was having fun together. The old boys, even the old ladies wearing something red, everyone with little flags painted on their faces, the children in their mini red team outfits and waving flags….just a lovely sense of “things aren´t great in Spain right now, but tonight we´re doing ok”!

  2. Well, judging by your pics, you both did have a perfect day. And that was a wonderful picnic you prepared and shared. Good for you both — and your four-legged kids, too!
    Have a safe trip, Tanya.

  3. Thank goodness for picnic fare that is so much more delicious and interesting than the default here, which usually includes and is often limited to sarnies, bacon and egg pie and a bottle or two of pop.

    1. ¡Enhorabuena España! I´m pleased for the Spanish, things are not great right now so this is a fantastic lift for them (or should I say “us” as we are honorary Andaluzas)!

  4. What a wonderful way to spend a day – and a great looking picnic. And your team won. Actually, you could claim that for either of them! (I spent the duration of the match with my sewing machine – good progress made on my dress so I won too!)

  5. Just another perfect day en paradiso! And another blessed trip home. Have a lovely trip Tanya…see you on the other end! xo

  6. A perfect day – a picnic, sunshine, drinks and footie!! So you went for Spain in the end, we watched it in the pub – and wow what a team! Looking forward to catching up this week – Yaaaaayy!!

    1. It was such a great day – glad you got to see the match too. Which pub did you go to…I only know the two nearest ones the Bo Beep and The Marina Fountain.

      1. We went to the Nags Head (a real local). The Horse and Groom is nice on Mercatoria other than that we head to the Old Town to the FILO or the Jenny Lind 🙂

  7. I’m desperate to take a picnic up to the lakes or the beach, not been to the beach yet this year!! So proud of Spain last night, it’s lucky we have one decent side to cheer on (sorry England!!)

    1. It was such a great atmosphere wasn´t it! We just went to the picnic area at Lake Viñuela near las Mayoralas – the water level is already dropping so there was none where we picnicked, but it´s a great area, lots of bbqs to use, water and some dodgy loos if you don´t want to go into the campo!

    1. Yes, the ham is always quick to go (and the dogs also do that “pleading look” thing, so they get a share)! Spain were fantastic last night – well done to them indeed!

  8. Oh my! The Tortilla de Patatas looks to die for. Let me know when you are off to another picnic… I’ll bring the wine! LOL!

  9. Am loving listening to Lou while reading this post, Tanya! 🙂 This so makes me want a picnic, but we’d be BBQ’d in the heat we’re experiencing here. You truly did have a perfect day, a perfect meal, and congrats to Spain. Hope you have a fantastic trip to the UK.

  10. You guys are SOOOO lucky to be able to just “hop over to the UK” or France or wherever else you want to do a bit of shopping. Here in Australia we are IT. Our nearest neighbour is Indonesia (or Antarctica and I KNOW where I would be wanting to hang out on the beach in bathers…). I am so glad that you had a perfect day 🙂 Life is indeed good and hopefully your perfect day stretches out into the near future 🙂

      1. lol but Bali is it! You guys can shuffle all over the place and soak up so much culture you could burst

  11. Fantastic looking food – I love seeing picnic culture in other countries. England seems to be all about the marmite sandwiches, haha. I think I’m more of a fan of Spanish picnics by the looks of things 😀

  12. I should have joined you :). What a wonderful day you had! The gazpacho you made is really intriguing me. I’ve never been there, but I can learn Spanish life from your nice blog. I like your sewing, too.

  13. There must have been celebrations late into the night. Plenty of fun from the beginning of your day through to the end.

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