A Safe Arrival

2300 km later and we´re in the UK. The sun is shining, we almost thought we´d arrived in the wrong country!

A blissfully uneventful journey, Big Man drove all the way (what a star) as I was suffering from a nasty bout of tonsillitis and feeling dreadful (but am on the mend now).

We drove past windmills in Castilla and La Mancha.

Spanish Bulls across the country.

Sunflowers in France.

And then the first drops of rain as we said goodbye to France in Calais.

Finally a big hello to England and the famous White Cliffs of Dover.

After a day of recovery and a look at the house we decided that we´re going to take advantage of my parents´ good will and a nearby holiday place they have and stay in their lovely flat for a little while as the house is a bit of a disaster zone right now.

A typical English Sunday was decided on. A long walk with the dogs to reward them for being so good. This is the beautiful Pevensey Castle.

Some delicious British Sirloin, cooked simply on the griddle.

Then hot apple crumble with creamy, ice-cold vanilla ice cream melting on top.

Ok, the rest is over…time to get to work.

Well, we will be watching kite surfing on the beach nearby and the Olympics too!