A Safe Arrival

2300 km later and we´re in the UK. The sun is shining, we almost thought we´d arrived in the wrong country!

A blissfully uneventful journey, Big Man drove all the way (what a star) as I was suffering from a nasty bout of tonsillitis and feeling dreadful (but am on the mend now).

We drove past windmills in Castilla and La Mancha.

Spanish Bulls across the country.

Sunflowers in France.

And then the first drops of rain as we said goodbye to France in Calais.

Finally a big hello to England and the famous White Cliffs of Dover.

After a day of recovery and a look at the house we decided that we´re going to take advantage of my parents´ good will and a nearby holiday place they have and stay in their lovely flat for a little while as the house is a bit of a disaster zone right now.

A typical English Sunday was decided on. A long walk with the dogs to reward them for being so good. This is the beautiful Pevensey Castle.

Some delicious British Sirloin, cooked simply on the griddle.

Then hot apple crumble with creamy, ice-cold vanilla ice cream melting on top.

Ok, the rest is over…time to get to work.

Well, we will be watching kite surfing on the beach nearby and the Olympics too!


66 thoughts on “A Safe Arrival

    1. Funnily enough we talked about it on the way discussing how a visit to a relative a hundred miles or so away a century ago would have been a stay of three months!

  1. It must have been quite a wonderful journey! The sunflowers picture in France and the one with the white cliffs of Dover are spectacular! I am glad you arrived well and eager to start your new exciting venture!

    1. Thanks Roger – we are getting cracking with the work but the tonsils are still sore. Honestly, I thought only children got tonsillitis and it´s very sore!

  2. I loved that shot of the white cliffs of dover, you could frame that for a wall in the new place, those kites look fascinating.. maybe one more day off before you start to deal with the disaster zone! c

    1. It was a beautiful evening as we reached Dover, it was very lucky to get such a good shot! We are already cracking on with the work, but we´ll take weekends off I think 😉

  3. Classic shot of a Spanish bull, and I the white cliffs of Dover are such an impressive site. So glad you’ve arrived safely and I look forward to reading about your adventures with the new home and in England.

      1. Hi there, yes I did, just been a bit manic around here.
        But yes please to the flower pots, If I don’t use them fellow allotmenters will 🙂
        can’t believe I’m leaving a message about flower pots on your blog……

  4. Yay, so pleased that you have arrived safe and sound. LOVE your pic of the white cliffs of Dover – you have to enlarge and frame that for a wall!
    So pleased you took a couple of days to re-energise too.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  5. Welcome landing on familiar soil Tanya! It must feel so good to be planted again after such a long haul of a trip. Loved seeing your photos along the way…stunning white cliffs…would love to see those in person one day. Amidst all you’ll be doing for the next days and weeks, I hope you’ll also be taking extra good care of you. Wishing you sun!

  6. Glad to hear you are safely in UK and that the weather is being kind to you, it would be hard to leave all that beautiful weather behind.

  7. Aah, I feel a little jealous of you, being in England. I do love the English countryside. Your walk to the castle and lunch looks wonderful – glad you had a good trip though! I bet the sunflowers were beautiful in France.

  8. Me alegro mucho de que ya estéis allí y que hayáis llegado sanos y salvos. Los White Cliffs son súper bonitos. Espero poder verlos alguna vez en persona.
    Que os siga haciendo bueno.
    ¡Un abrazo!

  9. So glad that you arrived without any major problem to report, although that tonsillitis certainly was regrettable. i hope you’re doing better now. And what a perfect Sunday you and Big Man spent together. I hope you both do take the weekends off so that you can add a few more such Sundays — and a few Saturdays, too — to your adventure. All work and no play …

    1. Hi John – yes am on the mend. The power of penicillin! And we also agreed with taking time off, it would be a bot miserable otherwise so we are planning on catching up with friends already this weekend. Not much serious cooking yet though 😦

    1. No fauns or lamp posts, but lots of ancient magic I think! It dates from around th time of the Norman Invasion in 1066, so loads of history and good feeling 🙂

  10. Such beautiful shots Tanya, I felt like I was traveling right along with you! Glad to see you arrived safely. Wonderful lunch I might add also, with a glass of wine, you both deserve some relaxing time before all your work!

  11. Loved the post on your journey north, even more those photos! The Cliffs of Dover, of course, but even more so that last shot of moody seascape . . . Am slightly bemused at how some posters regard the length of your journey! Methinks they better think twice about an auto journey in Oz . . . . 🙂 !

  12. Oh – we drowe 3000 km to Denmark, my not-so-big man on the wheel all the way and two kids in the car. It was a breeze – hope it will work just as well on the way home next week.

      1. Hadn’t seen your reply (been a little low on the blog-front lately). We got home alright, even though we had send send many prayers upwards as the car almost broke down outside Granada.

    1. Not that it makes your drive any shorter or anything 🙂 It’s just so familiar. In Denmark it’s been raining most of the time, but it is a welcome change (esp. now that I don’t have to live with the rain 360 days of the year).

  13. I’m glad you arrived safe and sound. I’m sure you were glad to get out of the car after your journey. Love the photos…I remember the first time I saw the white cliffs when flying from France to England.

  14. I agree with the others.. the photo of the white cliffs is stunning! What an exhilarating sight to see when you travelled! I hope you settle in quickly.. I can’t wait to see your renovations of this home!! xx Smidge

  15. I’d love to do a road trip from Spain to England, and be able to witness the changes in the landscape (not to mention the gastronomical adventures along the way). The Cliffs of Dover are beautiful! Enjoy your holiday! I hope the work on your home goes by quickly! 🙂

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