The Full Spanglish – Breakfast for the Workers

As ever right now, I´m slow to post. This week has been crazy with plumbers ripping up floorboards to install the central heating, the plasterer finishing the walls and ceilings and Big Man putting his foot through the bathroom floor into the new kitchen ceiling below.  Mmm…at least no one was hurt apart from a few skinned fingers (the plasterer), pride (Big Man), a huge purple bruise that looks like a large map of Australia (that´ll be Big Man again) and two bruised knees (me, rushing up the stairs to see if Big Man was ok and tripping over myself and landing on those knees).

The weekend, which is now just a distant memory, was restful though. Saturday night took us into local town, Hastings, to watch an incredible torch light procession, a massive bonfire on the beach and an incredible firework display.

Sunday morning we planned on a long walk with the pooches so set ourselves up for the day with a hearty English breakfast with the substitution of sausages with chorizo. All cooked in the oven apart from the eggs and mushrooms, it was not so naughty and oh so nice.

A wonderful walk round the grounds of the ruins of Bodiam Castle, and the dogs had fun glaring at the ducks as they had to be kept on leads and couldn´t chase them.

Cake in the tea shop was almost obligatory, so we obliged.

And then it was back to work.

Getting down and dirty with a Victorian drainage system….

No rest for the wicked, so they say. We must have been very wicked in a past life!