The Kitchen’s Nearly In…

It’s been a very busy few days here. Extra people in the flat like carpenters and plumbers…


Tools everywhere…


But now we have a kitchen worktop…


There’s no cooking being done yet in the new kitchen, but no one’s going hungry!



39 thoughts on “The Kitchen’s Nearly In…

  1. You’ll have some nice counter space for making pasta, Tanya. Good thinking! 🙂
    For now though, I bet you guys are more than thrilled to have the work surface. Everything’s really coming along. Well done!

    1. It’s a solid oak worktop (which is why we had the carpenter round to cut all the appropriate holes with special tools). I need to give it a few more coats of special oil, but it will soon be ready to go. I had a worktop years ago and although some people say they are hard work, I didn’t find it so. Just a little reoiling every so often and don’t leave it dripping wet and it’s great 🙂

  2. I love the counter top too – our current one is stone and I really miss the wonder old hard wooden table mum used when I was a kid. There’s something special about wood and I agree with you, its not hard work to maintain either.

  3. Laughed at your pups eating SO amicably side by side! Well, in our house Charlie, the Pembroke corgi, started with Toby, the black’white dachshund’s bowl first finishing all in about two gulps, whilst fastidious Toby just looked at us in despair! Well, Charlie ate on the verandah with door closed, and Toby took his time in the kitchen! And we wondered what we were doing with the two 😀 ! The kitchen is coming along great!!

    1. I think we must be lucky, although I’d never thought about it 🙂 They’re very good together over food and even share bones…one takes over when the other gets tired!

  4. I always get excited when a kitchen goes in :). We got thick bamboo worktops for ours when we decided to renovate and I adore your wood worktops :). Can’t wait to see it all done and dusted and raring to go and the gorgeousness that you eventually cook there…don’t forget to have a topping off for your kitchen Steve says…all good Irish folk have topping off parties (and we dub you honorary Irish folk for the purpose 😉 ).

    1. We looked at bamboo too (too expensive here 😦 ) and I just saw those shots of your gorgeous blue kitchen…love it! We like the idea of topping off parties. In Spain they have a flag raising but as we have two flats above us, we’ll claim Irish nationality and really go for it!

      1. It’s apparently a good way to get indemnity for the loudest most drunken parties you can imagine… music blaring, booze tipped all over the neighbours cat, drunken mates falling in the aspidistra’s and all you have to say is “Irish!” and everyone just nods their heads and expects it 😉

    1. It is starting to feel like forever Roger! A 3-4 week project has turned into almost 9 months. Oh well, we had nothing else planned! And now the end is in sight and summer Up The Mountain beckons 🙂

  5. It’s so exciting, fascinating, seeing the process, isn’t it Tanya?! Love your wooden counters! Every surface a cutting prep place! Really excited for you…won’t be long now!

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