Busy Doing Nothing…Working The Whole Day Through…

We are Down By The Sea in our little second home. Mixing work and play, family, friends and colleagues. It’s just what we needed.

Early morning walks on an empty seafront.

Bexhill Ago 2013 (1)

A few days away in the New Forest.

Hol Lymington (24)

Watching the world go by while sipping a cold glass of wine.

Lymington (1)

Celebrating 50 wonderful years of marriage with my parents.

M&Ps 50th (104)

Oh, and eating. It wouldn’t be the same without good food.

M&Ps 50th (105)

We’ll be back Up the Mountain next weekend and (hopefully!) normal blogging service will be resumed.


36 thoughts on “Busy Doing Nothing…Working The Whole Day Through…

  1. You keep we housebound wet southerners entertained girl…keep up the good work! “You’ve all done very well” as Mr Grace would say 😉

  2. Sounds perfect, Tanya and I hope your Parents had a wonderful anniversary celebration. Now, don’t hurry back on our account. Stay as long as you can. 🙂

  3. Send my love and congratulations to Maggie and Franco !! Don’t they look gorgeous on that photo 🙂 and yes Maggie, I’m still making your courgette risotto recipe you suggested ::)

    1. Ah thanks! And not a strange question – yes my dad is Italian and I have dual nationality…British and Italian. What with a Spanish “other half” I am quite the European!

      1. Amazing!! My grandfather was Italian, though he immigrated to the Americas as a small child, so I’ve wondered if I’d qualify as a resident in Italy. I wouldn’t mind delving into the Italian lifestyle! 😉 Have you ever considered moving there?? Your parents must have quite the romantic story! How did they meet? I love family histories!

      2. What a lovely exotic mix you are – we are both like “pizzas” with lots of delicious toppings! My parents met at the Cafe de Paris in London in the early 60s and my dad bought her a lemonade…she was only 16 and they married 3 years later 🙂

    1. They are real! They have wild ponies and donkeys all over the New Forest and cows seem to wander at will too – it’s so beautiful! You gave to get 2 donkeys though, not just 1 as they get lonely otherwise 😦

  4. What are the little white flowers on the plate? The stems look a bit like parsley… very pretty! Love the photos – thanks for taking us on your visit! Mmmmm….

  5. Oh, I love the new forest – Keep meaning to show it to my wife but whenever we’re in England we always seem to run out of time! Hope you’re having a wonderful time! 🙂

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