Griddled Scallops with Lemon and Rocket and a Fish Sauce Dressing

Back in England and Scallops are very much back on the menu for us. This is a simple but luxurious starter or a light lunch or supper. I also served the scallops with some excellent smoked salmon I happened to have but it would have been just as good without.

Scallops & Salmon iwth Lemon & Rocket 002

Ingredients (to serve 4 as a starter or 2 as a light main)

  • 12 scallops
  • Some finely chopped rocket mixed with the finely chopped zest of a lemon (unwaxed)
  • Some finely chopped coriander to sprinkle over

For the dressing

  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil, 1 teaspoon of fish sauce, a tablespoon of rice wine vinegar, half a crushed clove of garlic, the juice of half a lemon, a little honey (to taste), salt and pepper.

Mix or shake up all the ingredients for the dressing, tasting and adjusting as you go

Scallops & Salmon iwth Lemon & Rocket 004

Heat the griddle pan until it is smoking hot and quickly sear the scallops on each side (about a minute is all they’ll need) then plate them up. Pour the dressing over the hot scallops, and sprinkle over the rocket and lemon mix.

Fast food doesn’t get much better than this!

For more scallop inspired recipes, take a look at this or this.


41 thoughts on “Griddled Scallops with Lemon and Rocket and a Fish Sauce Dressing

  1. I cannot get along with scallops, to my eternal dismay, but they do look very lovely indeed. I do hope you had some crisp, cold white wine with them…. 😉

  2. Even though I am sitting here on the second day of official winter contemplating dipping my finger in that fine accompanying sauce I can appreciate this recipe. Tasmania do very fine scallops and we are well known for them. Stevie-boy is a bit of a pleb when it comes to seafood and sticks to fish but if he was forced he would eat scallops…and he calls himself a Pom! 😉 Back to dipping my finger in that scrumptious sauce…lick…lick…lick…

  3. I absolutely love scallops especially when presented on greens like you have done. We eat something very similar with oranges added to the mix. Next time I’ll serve some salmon along side for my husband as he loves it and it makes a pretty presentation.

  4. Mm, scallops – I like the really huge ones… they’re hard to find, usually the piddly ones are all that can be had, but it’s better than nothing I suppose. I’d serve with the smoked salmon too – I bet it made an awesome combo!

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