Raya a la Gallega – Galician Style Skate

Anyone who has followed this blog for some time (and I thank you!) will know that I am a great admirer of the food from Northern Spain. A great favourite is Pulpo a la Gallega – Octopus Galician Style which basically means served with boiled potatoes and seasoned liberally with fruity olive oil, coarse salt and pimentón. I used this style of serving with other fish and seafood, it works fantastically with scallops.

Raya a la Gallega (7)

Time this week to turn my attention to Skate, which I generally pan fry or oven cook. Why not try it “a la Gallega” as well? Online recipes told me that the fish is indeed served like this but more traditionally it’s poached. Sorry, no poaching for me I just didn’t fancy it.  I lightly griddled it before placing it on top of cooked, diced (well…”chunked”) potatoes and then dressed it with our own olive oil, Maldon sea salt and smoked pimentón.

Raya a la Gallega (1)

Perfect, two small skate wings made a fantastic sharing dish for two hungry folk but would have been ideal as a starter for 4-6 people. Definitely a dish to be repeated and absolutely perfect with a chilled glass of Albariño.


48 thoughts on “Raya a la Gallega – Galician Style Skate

  1. Sounds wonderful just up our street. Sounds and looks tasty, especially with the glass of chilled wine, lol. xxxx

  2. Well I just had the potatoes with olive oil and sea salt the other day and they were fabulous. Bet yours tasted amazing with your olive oil 🙂

      1. I don’t think that there IS such a thing as life without potatoes. You read about those mythical beings called “Paleo” and wonder at the sad state of affairs where potatoes are persona non gratis. I am imagining them as husk like wraiths floating around ethereally without substance or measure, like dandelion fluff floating on the breeze. I eat spuds. My feet know the earth and I AINT gonna leave it with the first puff of wind that decides to aim itself in my direction. I can thank potatoes for that. My son told me not so long ago (my son the accountant who is a scientist in his mind) that you can live on potatoes and good quality bread and that there isn’t anything missing from that diet…er…I might beg to differ but who am I to complain when my bestest most favourite food is 50% of survival rations!

  3. Oh yes there is a life without potatoes 🙂 !! I eat about one kilo or less a year!! Do not believe anyone should follow a ‘diet’ but – yep, am medically certificated as a physician and have learned about nutrition, especially nutrition for the ‘elderly’. for over 25 years!! Still at three universities now . . . potatoes are far too high in HGI and especially HGL. Love octopus . . . actually had it for lunch today [yes, unfortunately from fresh/frozen] . . .appreciate the recipe but shall prep it one of my many ways . . . lots of love . . .

  4. Anything that swims…. mmmmm! I’ve never had an opportunity to cook skate but I can get my hands on nice scallops here, and this sounds summery and wonderful. Hungry NOW! 🙂

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