Apple Roses

This summer I have been lucky enough to have been invited to two very lovely tea parties. I’m talking about the real deal here with smoked salmon sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, lots of lovely cakes and scones, a choice of beautiful teas and a couple of cheeky glasses of champagne.  Afternoon tea is a lovely tradition, not one I have the opportunity to indulge in too often, but a lovely way to get together with friends and loved ones for a proper catch up and to enjoy some delicious food.

Apple Roses (13)

The first tea party was hosted by a very dear friend Barbara as an opportunity to get together with some of her girlfriends. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and she really pushed the boat out for us. I was particularly impressed by some little apple pies that she made which looked like beautiful, icing sugar dusted roses. She confessed they were pretty straightforward to make, so when my mum hosted a tea party too, I decided to make some for us all to share.

This post is photo heavy, and not such great photos at that, but if you decide you’d like to make these, it’s a useful “how to”.

Ingredients (to make 12 mini or 6 large pies)

  • 1 pack of all butter puff pastry (ready rolled is easier)
  • 2 large red apples
  • water
  • 2 teaspoons of apricot jam
  • a little lemon juice
  • a teaspoonful of honey or a heaped teaspoon of sugar
  • icing sugar

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees C and you will need some cupcake cases to support the pies while they are baking

Start by cutting the apples in half and removing the cores. Slice fairly thinly and put all the slices into a bowl with 3 tablespoons of water, the sugar or honey and about a tablespoon of lemon juice. Mixx, cover the bowl and microwave on high for 3 minutes. You can also do this in a saucepan if you don’t want to use the microwave, simply boil the apples gently in the water, lemon and honey for about 3 minutes.

Apple Roses (3)

Whichever method you use, drain the apples and leave them to cool down slightly.

Next, roll out your pastry (if it is not prerolled) into a large rectangle and cut into 6 strips (lengthways). Dust your work surface with a little icing sugar to prevent the pastry from sticking.

Apple Roses (1)

Melt the jam with a teaspoon of water (microwave or saucepan).

Working with one strip of pastry at a time, brush the pastry with the melted apricot jam and lay overlapping slices of apple along the edge. Allow a little of the top of the apple slice to come over the top of the pastry strip.

Apple Roses (4)

Fold the bottom half of the pastry strip upwards and press down gently.

Apple Roses (7)

For large pies, roll up the whole slice (like a snail shell!), for smaller pies, cut the appe and pastry slices in two and roll up into two smaller rolls.

Put them into a cupcake case to support them and bake for about 45 minutes until the pastry is golden.

Apple Roses (9)

Apple Roses (11)

Allow to cool and dust with icing sugar before admiring your bouquet of apples roses!


97 thoughts on “Apple Roses

  1. Ooo. I am in love! HAVE TO make these for a tea ASAP! Aren’t they just too beautiful Tanya and I love they are easy to make.
    Have a beautiful day and maybe one day if Pete makes another trip to the UK, you and I can enjoy a high tea together.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  2. Hi Tanya, these look so pretty and Danny says he is going to make them for Clare’s 40th in September. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. xxx

      1. They would look stunning as food/decorations at a large catered event, where the food was spread out on a big table, with the little roses in between 😉

      2. Making these has got me thinking about making a savoury version – perhaps thin slices of lightly fried aubergine with a cheese that’s not too melty. Or anchovies with something, or chard, jamon and tomato….will have to do some experimenting. You’re right, they could look pretty impressive on a large scale!

  3. Wow incredible, amazing recipe to make a cake filled with extraordinary creations, the result is like a beautiful flower. Probably not to eat but to be decorated in the living room 🙂 hehe

      1. Really?????
        I think so butI was less creative process food , I berharaf after reading this article I could process the fruit that does not have a single dri

      1. Any good supermarket should have it nowadays, I bought that particular cookie dough at Waitrose. It is usually near the butter, pastry, croissant dough etc. They taste good but I think they could have done with a bit more time in the oven, they are a bit squidgy!

  4. And here I was, thinking that I was up for learning about a new type of rose in a gardening post! These look simply delicious. I can just imagine them on a high tea tray in a very upmarket establishment Ms Chica.

      1. Can’t wait. Bypass the cooking phase and pick those lovely crisp, crunchy, sweet gorgeous things straight from the shrub! I will be in line to buy one of them from our local nursery when you patent the technology 😉

  5. These are just gorgeous! I’ve never seen such a thing. Love it. I might make them for my grand daughters first birthday party!!! Do you have to serve them immediately?

    1. No, you can make them ahead. If you cool the cooked pastries then store in an airtight tin they’ll stay crispy until the next day. Just don’t sprinkle the icing sugar on until a couple of hours before serving!

    1. You soften the slices of apple first by paching or microwaving them for a couple of minutes. They continue to cook in the oven and brown a little at the edges. You do need to do the first poach/microwave stage otherwise you wouldn’t be able to roll the pastry up. Works well and they look so pretty!

  6. These are adorable! I think I’ll find an excuse to make some – but I promise to give credit to you!! Mmmm… I think my garden club ladies would swoon.

      1. I made them tonight for dessert Tanya and they really are fabulous – an absolute hit with the family! Thanks so much for sharing, will be making them again… and again… 🙂

    1. Oh I’m so pleased! They’re not the greatest photos in the world but I showed them in the hope that it would make other feel just as you say…that you could attempt them!

  7. These are just beautiful! I don’t have any apricot jam on hand, could you recommend another flavor that would be good to use instead? I may have that one! 🙂

    1. I think any flavour will do – it’s only a small amount you need, just to get the layers to stick together. Do sift out any fruity lumps though to make it smooth and easy to apply!

      1. Thanks so much! I am a long time member of the Farmy Fellowship as you are too, I see. I visit your blog now and then. Lovely recipes! 🙂

  8. This seems terribly clever, and doesn’t it look pretty? 🙂 It just so happens I have a big bag full of apples scrumped from the next door neighbour. I stewed some today but I won’t have time to do anything more till after the wedding. Just… maybe!

  9. I’m doing my own proper catch up reading your posts that I’ve missed recently. Wish I could have had the opportunity to make some of the apple roses before we moved from our orchard. They are really lovely and I’m sure delicious.

    1. maybe i have to try to make the apple rose. and then ask for my friends to taste mine. if it tasty maybe i try to sell some apple rose cakes 🙂 hahaha

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