Waves, Woods and Walks

New recipes are few and far between right now, we’re just enjoying old favourites. As we move from what was really not a bad British summer into a typical autumn (hot and sunny one day, grey and drizzly the next) we’re enjoying lots of walks around Bexhill.


Time to share some of the walks we enjoy. First of all, the beach at Bexhill. We live just a few minutes walk from the main “prom” or promenade. During certain times of the year, dogs have to be kept on lead so we head off westwards to and area called South Cliff where they can  run off lead. It’s always full of dog walkers and at weekends families with young children, cyclists, older folk and everyone in between who enjoy this car free paved walk. If you keep walking,  you reach a little local landmark, a sculpture made from driftwood by a local artist of “Salty Sam and Seawater Sally”.


Sadly, it has been vandalised in the past, but now people seem to like to stop and leave pebbles with messages written on them. It’s always changing,  a living sculpture.


If we head Eastwards, we go towards and gentle slope and grassy area by the beach called Galley Hill. We can enjoy views in one direction towards Eastbourne and Beachy Head and in the other direction Hastings.


A Peace Pole was erected near the top of the hill earlier this year and links Bexhill-on-Sea with every other place on earth that has participated in the project.


If we keep walking east, we can follow a coastal path all the way to Hastings, but the dogs are always more interested in exploring than covering great distances!


When the wind  is howling, or it’s a hot, hot day, it’s fun to head off into the woods. Within driving distance we have large areas of woodlands, but just on the edge of town we have Collington Woods, a small woodland area, beautifully preserved and maintained. Great for sheltering from the wind or heat.



Of course, once we get home, we generally need feeding and a slow cooked Chilli con Carne hits the spot on a chilly autumn day…


40 thoughts on “Waves, Woods and Walks

  1. Today in particular for the Autumn weather!
    I’ve never been to Bexhill, though I have been to Hastings and other towns nearby. You’ve got a lovely coastline – I bet those dogs have a great time.
    Spellcheck suggests that Bexhill is wrong and should be replaced with Hillbilly – ROFL!

    1. Hillbilly…hilarious. I know I don’t look like a catwalk model, especially when dog walking…but we’re not quite that wild looking down here 😀 You’ll have to nip down on the train one day and pay us a visit!

  2. Lovely pictures of a lovely walk. The pups certainly look to be enjoying themselves!
    Chilli is definitely a good reward after a cold walk at this time of year.
    Good to see you back 😃.

  3. Lovely to take a walk with you this morning. It is going to be be a cooler day in North Carolina blue Ridge so your chili gives me a good idea for supper. I have a pkg. of saffron rice that would be good with it. By now I have seen so many marvelous British murder mysteries on tv over yrs. & yrs. that you beautiful woodland walk gives me a slight frisson at the bone. Just the sort of path where in the next scene the yellow tape would be up & the pathologist bent over the former pedestrian. Oh-la, how morbid of me on the gorgeous fall day. Sorry. I really did enjoy your blog today very much.

  4. We absolutely love Bexhill – the beach is fabulous, especially in Autumn and Winter! Thanks for sharing ans reminding me to go back soon 🙂

  5. Nice to see a pleasant bit about English weather! I’m dreading an upcoming move from Malaga to Ipswich as I’m a California girl and love my sunshine!

  6. Oh, I love Australia and live snuggled into the side of a national park over 100kms away from the madding throng, but, let’s face it, it is eucalypts, eucalypts and more eucalypts 🙂 ! You are wondrously lucky in having both the seaside, be it calm or excitingly stormy, and such typically British wooden glens right within walking distance . . . . methinks I’ll be ‘walking with you’ quite a few times up and down your post . . .

  7. It’s a lovely spot you’ve got yourself, Tanya, and nice to see a bit of your surrounds. I love that shot of the dogs, down the steps. 🙂 🙂 Are you planning a return to Spain soon?

    1. It’s similar here. There are sections of the beach dogs are not allowed on from May to September and they have to be kept on lead on the prom. But, out of season, we can go pretty much everywhere….cleaning up any “gifts” our dogs leave of course!

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