Looking forward to Spring

It’s been a full and busy February, the time seems to have flown by. We’ve had crazy weather in the UK with gloriously sunny days, biting winds and now a little snow with more predicted.


Days have been filled with beautiful beach walks, even on the windiest of days…everything looks so much more dramatic and exciting.


I took delivery of a wonderful new book, Artisan Sourdough Made Simple, written by a fellow blogger, Emilie Rafa who blogs over at The Clever Carrot. I’ve loved reading it and beginning to experiment with her wonderful recipes, starting with a brioche loaf which we loved and a fabulous sourdough focaccia .


IMG_20180211_180604 IMG_20180118_162540

I’ve also been making my regular sourdough loaf which is our “daily bread”. For my mum I bake a rye and caraway loaf which she enjoys and Big Man is in charge of thinly slicing it for her once it has cooled.

Food has been comforting and warming with old favourites making regular appearances with a few new dishes being tried too. I made a sweet potato and kale curry…it was ok, but rather too sweet and not quite spicy enough for us. More work needed on that one!


One particularly spectacular day Big Man and I hopped on a train heading West along the coast for an hour and spent the day in Brighton. We went on the i360, an enormous pod which holds about 200 people which rises up a 162m tower to give incredible views at a height of 138m across the channel, the city of Brighton and across the South Downs…and of course the panorama is a 360° one.  Absolutely fantastic and we had a cheeky glass of champagne to make the experience extra special.




Today the cold weather is moving in, people are panic buying (ridiculous) in the supermarkets and I’m getting ready for Big Man to come back from a couple of weeks in Spain. In our house, this means making food…warming chicken and chickpea soup, pork and beans and maybe even a fish pie. Well…he says he’s missed my cooking!


Despite the cold, there are little signs that spring is on its way with the bravest of bulbs pushing up through the ground,  defying the cold and reminding us that after the dark days of winter there is always sunshine and new life to look forward to.


37 thoughts on “Looking forward to Spring

  1. That looks like fantastic bread! I used to bake, but sourdough goes a bit sleepy if you only use the “mother” once a week and I’m close to the St. John and their sourdough is fantastic.
    I’m having pork and beans tonight – it’s definitely the weather for it!

  2. The weather over this way is showing no signs of spring. The forecast is for -10 tonight, with snow forecast for the next two weeks. A loaf of warm bread and a hot bowl of spicy soups sounds just perfect right now. I love bread making and used to host an old rye sourdough mother, but I put her to bed in the freeze for now. Like MD, we’ve got a great baker a 100 meters away, so why bake.

  3. The rye version sounds very nice indeed, but it all looks so appetising. We’ve finally hit a rainy week here, so I’ve been trying to catch up on the blog and doing a few jobs. Hoping it will be dry enough for our walk tomorrow and Jerez on Wednesday, but we’ll take whatever we get because it’s been lovely so far. When will you get back to Spain, Tanya? 🙂 🙂

  4. How I have been visiting blogs for so many years without following ‘The Clever Carrot’ I do not know: all ‘fixed’ now! Love your photos – the sun obviously shines in England on other days than the prescribed one day in August 🙂 ! And, am jealous looking at your fabulous breads, but with my schedule . . . .and my closest baker is 40 kms away . . . oh well . . . !

  5. Wonderful photos and I’m lucky enough to get to taste your bread – always delicious! xxx Stay warm everyone!

  6. My dear friend, you have been in my thoughts so much the last few weeks. Lovely to see your great post and I hope you and I are able to sneak in a cheeky glass of champers some time too.
    Have a beautiful and happy day.
    🙂 Mandy xoxo

    1. The Lakes are stunning whatever the weather! We’re lucky on the South coast, we always seem to have slightly warmer weather than the rest of the country.

  7. As a foodie, I love the photos of your freshly baked bread. As a traveler, I love the photos of the views from the pod of Brighton.

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