“Green” Potato Salad

Getting "Cheffy" with the chives!

It´s been a hectic little morning up our mountain.  A nearby complex which offers rural holiday accommodation – http://www.cortijolasmonjas.com/ – just in case you want to have a look at the same lovely scenery I see every day, ran a four hour workshop on distilling aromatic plants.  More of that later in another post.  I got home so relaxed by the lovely smells of lavender, geranium and melissa, I wasn´t really in the mood for “proper” cooking.  Big Man had been tidying up the vine in the vegetable patch, so he was hungry.  I needed something fast and filling.

Well, not being a girl who is ever likely to be caught with her fridge empty, I pulled together a speedy potato salad.  It´s green because of the avocados that are very much in abundance here at the moment, and because I used a big bunch of chives from our garden.

So, here it is, in all it´s delicious simplicity, for two people.

  • Two large potatoes cooked in their skins then peeled and diced
  • Four rashers of grilled bacon, chopped
  • One large avocado, peeled and diced
  • Half a cup of cooked peas or broad beans (guess what I used!)
  • Half a cup of chopped green olives
  • One grilled red pepper, peeled and chopped
  • Some finely chopped chives (I used about 2 heaped tablespoons)
  • One heaped tablespoon of mayonnaise
  • One small tub of natural yogurt (mixed with the mayo)
  • Pepper – you may not need salt because of the bacon, it´s down to you

Mix up all your ingredients, season and then stir in the mayonnaise and yogurt mixture.  Also good as a side dish, but we just dug in and scoffed the lot!


10 thoughts on ““Green” Potato Salad

  1. Oh that sounds fabulous. Such interesting ingredients. I think the avocados would make it so creamy, but it’s not something I would’ve thought of. And my wife would love this. I’ll be stealthy about the heaping tablespoon of mayo!

  2. Eeekkk…Avocados!!!! I would have to omit these as l don’t get on with their slimy texture. Horrible things. Mrs Hunt wouldn’t get on with the bacon as she does not eat meat. So, sorry but l will have to give this one a miss despite it looking delicious! Not many things l don’t eat, apart from cow’s tongues, calf heads, and sausage made up from bits of animals that should really be left on the abattoir’s floor, all of this can be seen on local menus quite regularly. Grey day here and still WINDY! I think you are going to have to teach Big Man to cook his own!

    1. Oh dear, this sounds like your nightmare meal. Won´t serve it to you for a “virtual” dinner then. Not sure you´re going to like a recipe I´ve got coming up…Pigs Trotters! And as for Big Man in the kitchen….erm, he´s fine in emergencies but it´s not his forte. I let him shine in the DIY and gardening and mostly keep him out of the kitchen. What a 1950´s couple we are!

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