Lechuga con anchoas – Lettuce hearts with anchovies

Oh so simple...

This one is so quick and simple, it doesn´t even need a recipe!  Perhaps just a quick explanation, though.  This is served in Andalucía as a pre meal appetiser in the summer or when unexpected guests pop round and it´s drink time.  Add a plate of slice Spanish cheese, some jamon or salchichon (salami), a cool drink of your choice and you´ve served a super speedy tapas selection without even really trying!

Wash and cut a lettuce heart into eighths, open a tin of anchovies (in olive oil if possible) and lay an anchovy over each slice, pour the oil from the tin over, add a squeeze of lemon or white wine vinegar and serve.  These are picked up with the fingers, or little cocktail forks if you´re feeling refined, then just munched and crunched.

If you can´t stomach anchovies, replace with a strip of roasted red pepper.


18 thoughts on “Lechuga con anchoas – Lettuce hearts with anchovies

  1. I love this appetizer idea! I could eat the anchovies, but I’m glad you suggested the roasted peppers as my guests may not be as adventerous!

    1. We´re lucky that we get lovely anchovies here, and not too expensive either. Also, a slightly larger anchovy which is sold fresh, which is then “pickled” at home – will have to do a post on it one day soon as it´s the right time of year for them.

    1. As a fan of anchovies (and in fact of any strong, salty flavours) I´ve always thought that people who don´t like them are missing out! But of course, I understand and I often do this with red peppers just to make a change. Looks so pretty and tastes lovely too. Am going to try to make your overnight oatmeal bread this week as I found some quick cook oats yesterday – will let you know how it goes!

      1. I’ve had smoked oysters. I like them, but I’ve never had anchovies. (maybe in Worcestershire sauce)
        I hope you enjoy the bread. I look forward to hearing about it.

      2. if I could mail you some without causing a security scare, I´d do it, just so that you can have the experience. Having said that. smoked oyesters sounds wonderful and very decadent! Will let you know how the bread goes. Is it really early in the morning where you are?!

    1. Oh yes, I loved boquerones too. Am hoping to buy some soon to pickle and will post the recipe, but fried with a squeeze of lemon juice, a little pot of alioli and a cold glass of something white….heaven!

    1. Am just pouring the drinks….! The sun is shining this morning here but I can see rain clouds over the mountain. “Sigh” Have had enough of this temperamental weather, where´s our summer?!

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