Merluza A La Barbacoa y Ensalada Arcoiris – Barbecued Hake & A Rainbow Salad

Dressed For Dinner

Fish Man came up trumps the other day with a whole hake in the back of his little van. It was rather large, too much for just Big Man and me, so as it was fresh it went into the freezer.

A few days later friends were coming over for lunch, and the sun promised to shine, so I decided to barbecue it.  A quick visit to the garden to gather mint and lemons, and out into the olive grove for the tops of the wild fennel which is everywhere, and I was set.

I had to gut and clean the fish, but if you´re buying from a fishmonger, I´m sure it will be cleaned for you.  It´s not that tricky (wear kitchen gloves though, or you´ll smell like a hake for the rest of the day!) but not for the squeamish.

Pat the fish dry with kitchen paper and salt the inside slightly.  Stuff it with bunches of herbs and thin slices of lemons, then sprinkle the outside with coarse sea salt.  No oil needed, but the salt will protect the fish and you´ll end up with lovely charred skin which I personally love to eat, but I know some people don´t.

Then it´s on to the barbecue for your hake.  We cooked it on a low heat and the lid on for about 15 minutes in total.  If you do use hake, but you could do this with pretty much any fish, it´s firm, so easy to turn when it´s half done.  Check it´s cooked by peeking inside – the flesh will be white when it´s ready.

Ready to eat!

I served this with a delicious salad which was so beautifully coloured, it didn´t matter that the sun went in and a big cloud hovered over us all through lunch!  I used chopped new boiled potatoes, cooked beetroot, oranges, thin slices of raw carrot and chopped chives. I made a simple dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, mustard powder, a clove of garlic, salt and pepper.

With so much colour, it can´t not be good for you...

Food for a sunny, or not so sunny day!


13 thoughts on “Merluza A La Barbacoa y Ensalada Arcoiris – Barbecued Hake & A Rainbow Salad

    1. The oranges will soon be over….so am making the most of them. And the same goes for the wild fennel – it´s just starting to seed, so will have to collect some for using in stews and casseroles. We´re very lucky!

  1. What a magnificent meal, both the fish and salad looks fabulous. I love hake so I am really looking forward to being able to get it again when we get home at the end of the month.
    🙂 Mandy

    1. Just think of all the things you´ll be able to eat that you haven´t been able to get hold of and are missing, what a feast you´ll have! I bet you´re getting excited now about moving back. Have you been away for long?

  2. Simply delicious!! Brava Brava Brava!!!! An ode to mediterranean cuisine. Simply prepared fresh fish paired with colourful yummy vegetables!!!

    1. Grazie mille! Glad you liked it – your blog looks good too. So jealous you are in Roma. I have family there but it´s been far too long since my last visit.

  3. Oh that fish looks amazing! and the salad is so appetizing…
    I salute you for cleaning the fish..I did it once and it was not a pleasant experience

    1. Luckily I´m not squeamish. When you buy goat or lamb here, it arrives whole, minus its “coat” and I have to deal with it to get it in the freezer!

  4. I am going to have to remember not to read this quite so early in the morning…goat minus its coat….!!!! Anyway, the fish looks great and the salad is on the to do list. Can you get BBC4 where you are? They are having a Botany Week, some great programmes. Lovely film last night based on Allotments.

    1. Oops! Will issue a “warning” if I ever put the photos up of the “operation”! The programme sounds interesting but I haven´t got British tv. I could get it though and have been thinking about it for a while – maybe it´s time for me to get that dish installed. Hope all is well in your allotment – we´ve had more rain, the broad beans had to come up (but we had a good season with them) and now have a big patch which we can plant with other things.

  5. That looks wonderful! Definitely the best way to cook fish and the wild fennel goes with any fish. We have it growing all around here, so like you we just pick it when we need it.

    1. I admit, I like my fish simple like this, especially as it´s so fresh when it reaches us. The wild fennel here is just starting to seed, but it´s everywhere – aren´t we both lucky?!

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