The Vegetable Garden – One Month On

I realised tonight that a month had flown past since we planted our vegetable “plugs” this year.  We´re catching up as we´ve has plenty of rain followed by sunshine and a few misty evenings, which the plants seem to love!

Our herbs are doing well, apart from my parsley and cilantro (coriander) which are still looking a bit sad.

I´ve let the sage flower as I think it looks so pretty.  I sometimes deep fry the large leaves in very hot olive oil for a few seconds and sprinkle with coarse sea salt as a little nibble with almonds and olive…and wine, of course!

Sage flowers

The mint is going crazy…these were the stragglers which I had to pull up later.

Rampaging Mint

I´ve also let the chives go to seed as the flowers are also lovely in salads.

Delicious chives...great for potato salad

The basil is almost ready for the first batch of pesto.

Fragrant Basil

We´ve got plum tomatoes.

A Future Sun Dried Tomato

We´ve got a “wild” tomato which has sprung up from a leftover seed from a squashed tomato from last year.  It has such a desire to live, we´ve let it do its own thing!

Born to be wild....!

We have some (very) bitter salad leaves and the delicious chard.  The celery tucked in there is slow to get going, but we´ll let it take its time.

Green Leaves and Bitter Leaves

Tomatoes, beans and the little muscat vines.

View down to my kitchen window

We´ve got rocket seedlings (must plant some more though)

Aaah....less than a week old

The first of the runner beans should be ready to pick in a few days

Teeny, tiny beans

The onions are doing well too

Onions in neat rows!

We´ve got long thin green peppers and large bell peppers – but we can´t remember which are which.  We´ll soon find out!

Which one are you then?

Cucumber flowers

Grown from last year´s seeds

The aubergine flowers are so pretty – wish they´d hurry up as I love aubergines (eggplant!)

Hurry Up! Hurry Up!

Dwarf French beans (yellow and green) which we only planted a week ago

Not quite Jack & The Beanstalk, but working on it!

And finally, radish seedlings…not long now!

Peppery and Pretty!

As I said, we´re a little behind this year because of the very wet spring that we had, but we´re happy with progress so far and already dreaming of grilled vegetables, salads and bunches of grapes.  Happy growing to you all!


40 thoughts on “The Vegetable Garden – One Month On

  1. You’ve got it all! And everything looks like growing really well. I’m only able to take care of my chives and basil. I once had coriander but I guess it just didn’t like me 😀

  2. Oh, I envy you your basil. Mine still only has four leaves… sigh. It just finds it a little chilly up here. But the rest of our herbs are doing quite well. I’m going to start harvesting dill this week.

    Beautiful photos!

    1. Basil certainly does need lots of sunshine but also plenty of water. I´m lucky with it here and usually by the end of summer I´m overgrown with it. I never did so well with it in London, although my mum (also in London) seems to have the knack! Try it in a terracotta pot (more warmth) in a sunny spot maybe? Love dill, am jealous of that! Thanks for visiting. Have just popped over to your blog and love the look of your lavender lemonade…

  3. I’m on my second round of radishes. Hope they come up despite the high heat! And, sadly, I don’t think my spinach is going to survive so I’m going to get what I can and call it a day. I also planted more pumpkin about an hour ago. I think I’m going to start with more seedlings next year, seeing so many thing that didn’t even germinate. Love what you’ve done! 🙂

    1. Radishes are great – they grow so quickly! And I´m told you can do marvellous things with radish tops, although I´ve still to explore this. Although peas wouldn´t grow here in the heat, we seem to have had succcess over the last few years with the radishes. Good luck with the pumpkin. We have some courgettes too, but not yet in flower. Thanks for your kind words!

  4. It all looks great and those tomatoes will soon be ripening. I think aubergines are my favourite plants – beautiful flowers and then they produce my favourite vegetable! You’ve got a whole summer of wonderful eating here.

    1. Yes, all of a sudden they ripen at once. Just this week we finished eating the last of the bottled tomatoes (passata) from last year. It nearly killed me to have to go out and buy tins! And I agree about the aubergines, they´re lovely to look at and lovely to eat. Roll on summertime!

  5. How exciting to take a walk through your lovely garden again and everything is looking so good! Coriander is my favourite of all herbs – hope yours picks up soon – you never know, i might just pop over for a visit. Oh wouldn’t that be nice.
    🙂 Mandy

    1. Aah, thanks Mandy. And any time you want to come and take a stroll through the garden…there´s a shady spot with a little table and the wine is ready chilling!

  6. So lovely. I wish I could come over for dinner. Enjoy your wonderful garden and all the yummy dishes you will be able to make!

      1. I’m so jealous of your garden. Apartment life doesn’t allow much space to grow things.

  7. Sage (and rosemary) flowers are wonderful on a salad… tiny tasty bits of color. I sprinkle them on top right before serving or at the table so they don’t get lost in the greens.

    Love your pictures!! Mmmmm…

    1. I saw your comment and went right out to try a Sage flower – delicious 🙂 had only ever used them as decorations. My rosemary doesn´t get to flower often as I use so much of it, it is constantly being cut back. Thanks for your kind words!

  8. I’m so jealous! You have a fresh market right in your backyard! I love your ideas for using your herbs and look forward to “watching” your garden grow and reading about your recipe ideas! I do have sage and forget about frying up the leaves… I think that’s my plan for tonight!!

    1. You´re right – it´s like my own little local market! Actually, in the summer I can´t believe how little I have to spend on fruit and vegetables – most people round here grow various things and we tend to swap our surplus and get a bit of something that we don´t grow ourselves…it´s great. Ok, am off to pick sage now as I also fancy it….and thanks for visiting, I´ve enjoyed what I´ve seen on your blog very much

    1. Hi Georgia and thanks for visiting and your kind words. Hopefully we´ll be eating lots of delicious vegetables this summer…it´s very exciting! Am off now to have another look at your gorgeous recipes….love those cupcakes!

  9. Love to see your garden ! Everything is just great . A lot of work, for all those to grow, but, what a satisfaction in the end ! Greetings from Greece !!!!

    1. Thank you for visitng and your kind words! Hopped over to your blog, I sort of got the gist of it, and the photos are beautiful. It will be good practice for me to try and read more of it….

    1. Thank yuo so much, glad you enjoyed the pictures. We really are blessed to have this space, and are so grateful that we get so much pleasure from it! It´s nice to be able to share it in some small way…

  10. Just wanted to say “hello” and tell you what a nice blog you have. I’ve really enjoyed reading it. I wanted to comment on your lovely garden. I too like to let my chives flower…they add such a nice bit of color to the garden. I have never let the sage bloom…I will now.

    1. Well hello to you too and thanks for the visit and your very kind words. Am so glad you have enjoyed what you have seen. Am hopping over to your blog now to see what you are up to, but do come back again soon!

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